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    Roosevelt report

    Going up to chase Crappie tomorrow. The plan is to try and find em down deeper on the graph and then throw everything at them. Thinking about starting in the trees on the salt end and work down into the lake hitting coves along the way. Any location tips would be appreciated as I am terrible at finding the little buggers.
  2. Ohthatguy

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    For anyone curious about the last go-round, I recorded the Commission meeting from June 8th, 2018 when game cameras were on the agenda. A few time markers are in the description regarding specific items.
  3. Paradise Cove Cafe in Malibu is my mandatory stop when in the area. Good eats.
  4. At what point does an object change from being "abandoned" to an "artifact" that cannot be removed?
  5. Ohthatguy

    Anybody see this?

    Its on page 3 of the lion forum.
  6. Ohthatguy

    Would you shoot it?

    They can look amazingly awesome.
  7. Ohthatguy

    Roosevelt report

    Went to Indian point Thursday and my brother really wanted to go up the Tonto end so I can confirm there are no fish up river. Sure is pretty though and I've never been up that far. Caught some on cranks and worms back in the main lake late evening. Some guys at the ramp caught about 20 on spoons off a point in about 25' when a school went by. Other guys almost went back out in the dark as they whacking them on jigs right by the ramp at last light.
  8. Ohthatguy

    2018 Can-Am Commander Mossy Oak Edition 1000R

    Price may help.
  9. Ohthatguy

    Are the snakes stil out?

    Found a nice sized Diamondback on the Indian Point ramp last night at Rosey...
  10. Ohthatguy

    Large Wilton Vise

    Dang. That kind of price for an old vise seems silly. But I used to think having 6 rods on the deck of a bass boat was silly too.. All about having the correct tools for the job.
  11. Ohthatguy

    NFL Hiring Protocol

    Ya, there needs to be more black representation in the NFL... Well, it is the NFL after all... According to Turner's book and independent statistics, 70 percent of the league's players are African-American, but only 6 percent of the population in the country.
  12. Ohthatguy

    Cabelas Alaskan Guide 8 man

    Nice tent. Spent last week in my 6 man version and it took less than 15 mins with my Buddy heater to make it cozy in the morning when it was a chilly 15° outside.
  13. Ohthatguy

    How to deal with bad taxidermy???

    I will never use nor recommend Gametrail Taxidermy based on the experience of someone I know.
  14. Ohthatguy

    Cold weather tent camping

    Don't expect a sleeping bag rated at 20° to keep you comfortable at 20°.
  15. Ohthatguy

    What are we looking at

    White tail? Lol
  16. Ohthatguy

    Roosevelt report

    Saturday from sun up to sun down.. 5 fish landed. Nothing before noon then went up past buoys. Looked like most of the tourney boats went way up river. 1 crankbait, 2 carolina rigged crawfish, 1 worm and 1 spinner. (Lost a nice one on spinner as well) Not a freaking clue where to find em but it was a beautiful day to be on the lake.
  17. Ohthatguy

    A Halloween herp

    Awesome little ghost on the head of this Rhino viper.. Good warning too because if he hits you, you're pretty much dead.
  18. Ohthatguy

    Snake Quiz

    I only chose "Hard to tell" and only got it partially correct. (reason for my post) The test showed I missed 1 of the correct answers by not checking "11 years old" in addition to the "Hard to tell" as it was a multi part answer. All for fun anyhow, not like they messed up on a pregnancy test for on ex-girlfriend or anything...
  19. Ohthatguy

    A Halloween herp

    No, but the puff adder is in the Bitis family along with this guy and the more well known Gaboon viper.
  20. Ohthatguy

    Snake Quiz

    Quiz is flawed. I am going to petition the AZGF commission for 100% on my score. 11 segments in no way represents 11 years of age and the "hard to tell" answer should be "impossible to tell" with the information provided.
  21. Ohthatguy

    Swavely kids 2020

    Kevin, two kids with different tags and the energizer bunny in tow made for a big ask and a tough week. You guys worked your butts off to make it happen and I am honored you allowed me to be a part of it. Two kids, two shots, two filled tags and a total tracking job of 100 yards between the two animals is a testament to the work you guys put in prior to the hunt. Awesome job on your part and theirs. Even hunting with an empty rifle and no rifle at all didn't stop them! I never heard a single whine or complaint from any of the kids. (I won't count Aurora being less than pleased that the bear took her unopened, prized hot dogs. That was just funny!)
  22. Ohthatguy


    Maybe not back problems, but it did die because of it...
  23. Ohthatguy


    Meh, all species adapt to the weight of big racks and proudly display them.
  24. Ohthatguy

    Oct Bear Opener

    Sounds like a bunch of people need to hit the range instead of the woods.