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  1. hawkeye

    3a tag and now a little regret.

    Today I am officially GRUNTELED
  2. hawkeye

    3a tag and now a little regret.

    Learn to read idiot. Where does it say I regret having the tag. I regret not doing more research. What a screwed up bunch of haters. Nobody asked for any sympathy. What post have you been reading? Good luck with this screwed up site. Same bunch of haters.
  3. hawkeye

    3a tag and now a little regret.

    Hey "lancetkenyon", what part of "happy about having a tag" didn't you understand. I will have a great hunt, no matter what. I just can't figure out why they put the hunt back to October. They did that with a couple of other units also and nobody I talked with, can give me the answer. No matter the outcome the hunt will be great, especially the fact that it will be cooler in October.
  4. I am very happy that I have an antelope tag but I wish I had done a little more research. I used to live around there about 26 years ago and I new the area very well. I got in a habit over the last couple of decades of putting in for 3a as my second or third choice. I didn't realize how much land was sold off and how much development has taken place. I've been doing some scouting, and can't believe the amount of checker board private land is in there now. I have located a few nice bucks but can't believe they put 25 tags in there. I think I know now why they put the hunt back into October. There isn't near as many antelope that there used to be, so instead of cutting the tags, I think they just thought they would put the hunt back till after the rut. I may be wrong but I can't think of any other reason. That way they can add 5 tags and make more money. All that said I am very happy to be hunting antelope once in my life and I will give it heck. It was so hot yesterday my spotting scope was almost useless after about 10:00 am. We found several small bucks and a couple of nice ones. I still have another month to check things out.
  5. I would buy it in a second if it would fit a 2014 Ram 2500
  6. hawkeye

    Elk-Rifle before Archery

    All of the complaining and e-mails make no difference at all. If they want to do it, they will. They pushed back several antelope hunts a full month without any input, or reasoning. They already put a muzzy hunt in front of the archers in unit 9, without any notice. So what makes you think they care about what anyone thinks.
  7. Will be taking him to the cabin this week. I had to put him on a wall just to look. I am very happy with the outcome. Thanks Jim.
  8. hawkeye

    4th Gen Dodge Owners? Let's see em'!

    Sir Royal. I went everywhere trying to get my tpms re-programed and nobody could. I wrote RAM several times with no help. Then after writing one last e-mail to RAM about the safety factor and lawsuits they were going to get, having to run 80 lbs of air on icy roads I received a re-call notice in the mail. I didn't know what it was for but I took the truck in. What do you know I can put what ever air pressure I want in the tires without any alarms. You need to find out at your dealer. If you can't find anything I will go back to my dealer and ask what recall it was. It said something about the anti-lock brakes needing re-programed. All I know is that, I love my truck now. Dave.
  9. hawkeye

    Who drew antelope tags??

    Second choice 3A rifle. 20 points.
  10. hawkeye


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to have your land posted no trespassing or no hunting if you want to keep people off?
  11. Thanks. I'm happy as heck. It will be a little cooler for the hunt too. I am not upset at all. I just didn't notice. I've been waiting many years for a pronghorn hunt
  12. hawkeye

    Unit 9 antelope tag after 21 years

    Congrats. I am 60 and just pulled my first tag. I have been trying for ever. I had 19 points and drew my second choice 3A. I'm going to go and really enjoy that hunt. Unit 9 is great. You are going to have a great hunt.
  13. Does anyone know why some of the pronghorn rifle hunts were pushed back? I got drawn for my second choice 3a, and am really excited. I didn't even notice that it was pushed back a month until I got drawn. I have been putting in for pretty much the same units for almost 20 years and didn't even notice the change when I applied.
  14. Less than 2000 miles. 5 Firestone TransForce HT 10 ply 245/70 R17 mounted on 8 hole rims off of a 2014 Ram 2500. $500. 4 hub caps included. 928-402-9492 Globe.