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    2020 Shed Success

    Sold 200lbs this year. 4 sets over 320. Kept these unique ones
  2. jefftrucker12

    Trailer title - home built?

    I bought a salvaged car hauler trailer from my buddy. Looks to be a car hauler that had been in a wreck. It was cut in half and tongue removed for salvaged. Would it be possible to get a home built title for it after I reconstruct the frame and tongue? I do not have the title but bill of sale should be no issue. I have not gone through this process so I am unsure how strict A.Z.D.O.T is on inspection.
  3. jefftrucker12

    Trailer title - home built?

    They will seize the trailer? I have an old liscense plate off of it so maybe they can pull up history and records. Basically using the two sides where the tires sit and then angle iron to reconstruct the frame. Total build would be less than 400$ so owell if it's a no go. Had all the steel from a construction site that ended.
  4. jefftrucker12

    7E Bull

    Back in august. Congrats
  5. jefftrucker12

    unit 21

    how busy does dugas road get on the oct wt hunt? glassed some deer up today at a pretty decent spot. Have several other spots too that are harder to get to0 but was just curious. Are most people out by dugas just driving the road? or are there trucks parked every half mile down the road?
  6. any recommendations on where to get a barrel threaded (300rum )??? the one local shop wanted 100-125...kinda steep.
  7. jefftrucker12

    Giant 5x5 bull hit dirt

    awesome bull! congrats
  8. jefftrucker12

    7e tactics - bull down

    Any feedback? Lots of cattle down low this year. Trying to figure out where they have pushed. I'm sure way up on the peaks. I usually do great glassing low. Different year different hunt....
  9. jefftrucker12

    Limited Opt Archery Gold

    heck ya! nice bull
  10. jefftrucker12

    7e tactics - bull down

    Some better pics.... Left main beam is 55" The spikes are 36,34, and 27" long
  11. jefftrucker12

    7e tactics - bull down

    Got on some good bulls yesterday. Couldnt get the herd bull but called this guy in. Thanks for the help. My first ever archery animal. Hunted solo the whole hunt.
  12. jefftrucker12

    7e tactics - bull down

    7 east archery bull. Was on bulls every day at the start of the hunt. Cannot locate them now. Might just be moving less with all the pressure. Seems like when the ranchers moved in cattle right before otc Deer the elk left those areas which they have been the last few years during this hunt.
  13. jefftrucker12

    45 win mag ammo

    1150 RDS of underwood 230 gr FMJ 100 RDS of JD bullets 300 gr jfp 45 RDS CPE 250 GR JHP
  14. jefftrucker12

    45 win mag ammo

    I have approx 1350 RDS of 45 win mag. Looking to sell in bulk or trade.
  15. jefftrucker12

    45 win mag ammo

    Ammo only
  16. jefftrucker12

    wtb 2013 2014 Mathews bow

    Looking to purchase a used bow. Preferably Mathews. I like the chill series. May consider others. Text 480-202-3905 I'm I'm flag. Can arrange a pick up.
  17. jefftrucker12


    5 hrs of hiking Sunday. 1st trip of the year
  18. jefftrucker12

    Diamond Edge

    Where are you located? 480 202 3905
  19. jefftrucker12

    tritronics classic 70

    Great condition. Comes in box with one collar. 150$ 480 202 3905
  20. jefftrucker12

    Few Hunting Items

    1999 Chevy tracker 4x4 4 door. has a lift and 245 75 16 in mud tires. Great flagstaff vehicle. Has no problems cruising at freeway speeds. I added manual locking hubs for better fuel mileage and reliability. Also swapped in 5.12 gears front and rear.2.0 4 cyl motor with automatic trasnsmision. 117K miles. body and interior is in fair shape. Just really needs cleaned well. 3500 $ Astro 320 Garmin GPS with DC 50 collar. Sligthly used. Screen could be polished to see more clearly. 420$ SOLD Savage 223 with 26" mcgowan barrel, 2lb trigger, bell carlson stock, beeded floated, egw 1 piece rail, oversize bolt knob. also 10x40 bushnell tactical scope. 550 SOLD stock set of honda rincon wheels/tires 12x6 and 12x7 aluminum wheels with old 26in tires. 80$ 235/75/15 goodyear duratracs with 80% tread or better on 15x6 steel wheels 5x5.5. 450$ Tritronics classic 70 with 2 shock collars. 250$ SOLD Hoyt Rintec childrens/womens bow adjustable draw lengths. could use new strings. 150$ Lastly- I have 2 9 m/o walker coonhounds. Bred from hunting stock. Will make good bear/lion/coon dogs. Will give to good home. Pic ADDED Call/text 480-202-3905 all items located in flagstaff
  21. jefftrucker12

    Flagstaff Outdoorsman Friends

    Anybody in flagstaff need a hunting buddy? Everyone whom i used to hunt with the last several years all moved away to do job relocation ect. once we got out of NAU. I run hounds on coons and getting into bear/lion. Very knowlegeale of the 7 units. Will be shed hunting a bunch this spring. So just looking for outdoorsmans friends (guys or gals) who want to get out and hunt! Call/text 480-202-3905 i live on the east side in doney park
  22. jefftrucker12

    misc reloading items

    Make an offer. Bought a while back but never got into it. Items located in flagstaff. 480-202-3905
  23. jefftrucker12

    Few Hunting Items

    Male is in front/Female is in back. Both are littermates. Would be a great pair for someone to start hunting hounds. Can offer help for training on coons in the summer and bear/lion in fall/winter.
  24. jefftrucker12

    Few Hunting Items

    Did you text me? I can Send a pic via text