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  1. Trapdoor

    Heck Yea 2018 *New Huntress Update*

    So happy for you and your family! Congrats! What a beautiful girl!
  2. Trapdoor

    S Africa Safari -- Limpopo Valley

    I'm sitting here looking at my Eastern Cape trophies and at your photos. Yours are better than mine!
  3. Trapdoor

    Sometimes it ain't about the money!

    I love kids learning a craft!
  4. Trapdoor

    Which .22?

    A Colt is the only revolver that whispers its name to you every time you cock it. One click for every letter in its name. Not much on this Earth sounds better than a Colt.
  5. Trapdoor

    One more chance for youth hunts...

  6. Trapdoor


    Fluting would only be a couple of ounces but ounces make pounds ultimately. Weight can be reduced elsewhere in the build if the need is felt. Removing weight costs money. I like the #5 contour for 30 caliber. I have not gone to the expense of fluting. I do not feel compromised by weight.
  7. Trapdoor

    Florida and Governor Rick Scott

    Qualifiers imposed by a government upon endowed rights by a Creator steals that grant from the source and assumes the gift to be by that government - which will further determine the restrictions it (government) will continue to impose. We do not receive our rights from our government, yet our government encumbers those very rights. Therefore it can be argued that rights no longer exist as rights but rather as privileges, as the current government mutation intends. Once government has established that it can place restrictions on "rights", a la privileges, further restrictions will result, as evidenced throughout our history. Now that we have allowed rights to become privileges through the restrictions placed on one (more than one in reality) amendment (our guarantee that our government cannot usurp the People) to our Constitution, that being our very most sacred right as it is the means of protecting our lives and our rights, all other rights are subject to the same degradation. We must assume, nay, we know, that government will further restrict and abolish our rights. The question is not whether any one person should be allowed to purchase a long gun, or other arm. The question is how can we as the People allow a government to eliminate, through restriction, a right that our Constitution explicitly substantiated to prevent said elimination from being effected. Be that as it may, by establishing certain restrictions such as age limits on one right, it must be assumed that those same restrictions (and more restrictive) will be placed on all other rights. By establishing that a certain group of people (where have we seen this before?) have encumbrances over their endowment for one right, they are subject to encumbrances on all other rights. This "group" of people will one day no longer have the protections memorialized under the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth Amendments (individually cited, not collectively, so as to emphasize the importance of each and every one). Further, by dissolving a right of one group necessitates that the prohibition will eventually precipitate to all. While our society has problems that must be dealt with, the vacation of Our rights is not the solution. We must all be faithful that these rights are Ours; all of ours. I'm not going to preach that I have the solution - I don't. I know without doubt that further erosion of the rights of all is not the solution because the rights of all are the rights of one. That one is you. That one is me. A right stolen from you is a right stolen from me. We are on the edge of a precipice that we must back away from. The arguments being espoused are scary. People are reacting based only on ill-conceived emotion without an honest understanding of all of the consequences. Those consequences are so far reaching. On the surface they appear simple and finite. But they are not. I'd argue that some of those far reaching consequences are just as sinister as planned, but many proclaiming them are not capable of or not interested in seeing the depth of what will eventually manifest. Every time a law is passed that erodes our freedom, there is accompanying celebration. While I am not a Star Wars junkie, one line from one of the movies was branded into my mind the first time I saw the movie: "So this is how liberty dies; with thunderous applause." While I am not saying that applause is here, necessarily, it is definitely out there in our society. That society wants to bury the very foundation of who we are in the hopes that they can sleep better tonight, not understanding what tomorrow brings.
  8. Trapdoor

    Heck Yea 2018 *New Huntress Update*

    I enjoyed the stories and photos. Especially the ducks, eclipsed by the splendor of the sonogram!
  9. I'm hoping to find a spot or two this year to try to get my boy interested in wingshooting. He isn't taking to big game much -not enough action... I will go to Argentina! Someday!
  10. And: Firearms Speech Assembly Petition Vote Privacy Unreasonable search and seizure Silence to prevent self incrimination Big Gulp drinks Animal products Fossil fuels Cover scents Camouflage Scent eliminating clothing Telescopic sights Self-contained metallic cartridges Compound bows Outlawing "x" is not the answer, especially for as something as benign as a trail camera or as fundamental as firearms.
  11. Trapdoor

    Couldn't duck

    Elk pert' near totaled my pickup a few years ago on my way back home from work in WY. Had to abandon all my duck hunting gear for a number of months until I could get back up to reclaim my guns, decoys, calls, waders, etc...
  12. Trapdoor

    Couldn't duck

    I've been close to getting hit a couple times.
  13. Trapdoor

    I hate to ask for help, but...

    Yep, literally in my yard right now! So much for not seeing anything this season! Maybe I can chase them to where we hunt and keep them herded up till this evening... Lol!
  14. Trapdoor

    I hate to ask for help, but...

    It's great to hear that I am doing things correctly, at least generally speaking! That's all I hoped for! I can't wait for the excitement to start when he sees one for the first time that he can go after! It's hard to keep a young'un motivated. It's hard for him to accept that they are there like I tell him over and over, that it just takes time but when you see that first one everything changes. He won't be able to hunt a couple evenings this week but I hope to get up there and glass for him. Thanks for the encouragement!
  15. This is my son's first hunt (tag), other than going along with me the past couple years. While he has been very slow to show any real interest in hunting, he very much wants a javelina and I hope that his first harvest will make the difference and solidify his future in our life. I thought that I had a solid plan put together for his first tag, but things aren't shaping up and I fear that if I don't actually show him a javelina again this year, the spark will fade. His tag is good for 10,17A,17B,18A,19A,19B,20A and we have been hunting 19B in the hills NW of Chino Valley. We live in these hills and see plenty of javelina and I've had the ability to do some scouting here. But the plan ain't working. I know there are lots of lessons to learn on the days where game isn't seen and he is learning those lesson with words from Dad. But, I sure want him to see a javelina and have an opportunity to put a stalk on. We are looking high and low, on sunlit hillsides, and shaded hillsides, grass covered flats and down in the washes, morning, afternoon, and evening. It's hard for me to ask for help, but can anyone offer any thoughts on how to find a javelina for my son? Like I say, I thought I had a solid plan on a good high vantage point with miles to look over. Am I just missing the boat on what I need to be looking at? Thanks for any encouragement!