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    Hunting, Shooting, Brewing & Drinking BEER!
  1. BMC

    Leftover poll

    still sitting here crossing my fingers that my leftover app gets picked. I put in for some hunts that are still on the updated leftover list. Nothing showing in my portal yet though...
  2. BMC

    Deer Leftovers

    the list is posted
  3. BMC

    Deer Leftovers

    Just wish they could post the leftover list...if there is one!
  4. BMC

    The Horseshoe Buck of 36A

    Seriously one of the best stories I've ever read on here. Congrats on that buck!
  5. BMC

    35B here we come

    good luck and shoot straight!
  6. BMC

    first of 3

    great job!
  7. BMC

    My first AZ Coues adventure

    great write up! Congrats on the buck!
  8. BMC

    The Afro Buck

    really weird!
  9. BMC

    Spot and stalk giant velvet coues!

    awesome story. One of the best write-ups I've ever read. Awesome buck too! Congrats!
  10. BMC

    Post Kill Traditions

    https://youtu.be/LuDcydLG5gQ Anyone ever tried Coues Heart Tacos like this?
  11. BMC

    Dream Hunt of A Lifetime

    mount looks great too!
  12. BMC

    Post Kill Traditions

    Prayer, high-fives, deep breath, pictures, gut it--then haul it out...