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    WTB Remington 700 in 25-06

    I'm looking for a barreled action in 25-06 Rem to put in a Remington 700 LA chassis and was wondering if anyone had a 25-06 rifle they were looking to sell. Thanks!
  2. safeskies

    WTB - Muzzleloader Setup

    I’m curious if anyone has a full muzzleloader setup that is ready to sell. I’m hoping to find a gun with bullets, powder, etc that have been tested and works. Looking to try out muzzleloading but not sure if it’s for me or not.
  3. safeskies

    WTB - Muzzleloader Setup

    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions! I found a setup that I think will work for me.
  4. safeskies

    Swarovski 10x42 slc hds

    Pm sent.
  5. safeskies

    WTB - Muzzleloader Setup

    Thanks for the offer. I should have stated, however, that I’m interested in a more modern, inline model. Just want to get my feet wet with something already setup with modern parts.
  6. safeskies

    2022 NWTF 31- Day Gun Raffle

    Can we still get in on the remaining items?
  7. Viper - I purchased mine a few weeks ago too and my impressions are similar to yours. It hasn't been very cold here at the house and while I'm certainly not cold while wearing it, I don't feel as warm as expected. I unfortunately won't have a chance to test it in really cold weather until January, but I'm hoping with layering it works as well as promised. Maybe it's a similar concept to the merino base layers, feels comfortable in a wide range of temps. It's hard to imagine something so thin could be warm!