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  1. Jglaudel

    the 2nd hardest thing I'll ever do

    I definitely recommend (Tom Wagner Heroes Rising (480) 760-3868). I had a Unit 1 Deer tag a few years ago that I could not do so I donated mine to Heroes Rising.
  2. Jglaudel

    4 more sleeps.

    This is going to be a long week
  3. Jglaudel

    Suspicious Person/Arsonist

    Here is another link.. I hope it works this time http://www.12news.com/news/local/arizona/the-fbi-has-joined-in-the-forest-lakes-arson-suspect-manhunt/454479545 OK so it looks like trying to link from this forum is not working, but if you copy and paste the link to the browser it will work.
  4. Jglaudel

    Suspicious Person/Arsonist

    Lazy-H98... You may want to contact the Coconino Sheriffs dept. to see if that campground has reopened. It was Evacuated on Tuesday July 4th, not sure if it has reopened.
  5. Jglaudel

    Suspicious Person/Arsonist

    Please share this information with anyone you know going up the rim this summer for scouting. Keep an eye out for suspicious person and be careful. Pass this along to everyone you know. http://www.azfamily.com/story/35810512/suspected-arsonist-fires-shots-at-forest-service-crews-in-forest-lakes-area
  6. Jglaudel

    Arizona Unit 4B

    I appreciate all the feedback so far.
  7. Jglaudel

    Arizona Unit 4B

    AzDiamondHeat... Thank you for the info. I'm not afraid to go in deep and I'm prepared to pack it out. As of now I am scouting via maps looking for areas of interest to start hiking and scouting as soon as I get back up there and then to narrow down my choices by summer to focus of those and to work on calling to see what I can find. My main focus is finding those areas away from what I know are high traffic camping spots but would be doable packing in and out.
  8. Jglaudel

    Arizona Unit 4B

    Hey guys. So I lucked out and got drawn for the Archery September Bull Elk hunt in unit 4B. This will be my first Archery Big game hunt and I am real excited. I am familiar with the southern 4B area as far as recreation goes ( driving the 170, 99, St. Joe road areas and some trails in between). We spend a lot of time in forest Lakes. I have never spent any time actually scouting the area for game and was wondering what your thoughts, advice, or recommendations are for the area. I would greatly appreciate any tips as I plan on spending a great deal of time scouting this summer. I know the southern portion of that unit gets pretty busy with campers and OHV riders during the summer so I am looking at finding spots a few miles away from roads and hiking it in and out. If anyone is actually willing to give some good solid location areas and would rather private message that info than blast it on the web for all to see just send me a message. Thank you all.