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  1. GreyFox

    24 hours

    And I'll be in Tucson, eating Sonoran Hot dogs and getting ready for Nov 10, 36B with Casey Charter!!!! Could someone please turn the thermostat down a little? Thanks! Doug from Georgia
  2. GreyFox

    Wood Working Question???

    After you cut the wood to size, mix the saw dust with glue, fill and clamp (even if only a little) it'll fill nicely and take a stain better than fillers or epoxies.
  3. GreyFox

    German Shepherd Dog 36B

    I think that's where I'll be next week, hope the shepherd found a home, If not, may be kind of hard to explain to my wife..... Honey, I went deer hunting and found this dog.....
  4. After you rule out the scope and bases and rings; get some good bore cleaner (Copper out, Lead out) and follow the directions. My 7 Mag did similar (2 1/2 MOA). I use Buffalo bore, Copper Out and Lead out. Follow the directions and scrub it (get a NYLON brush) Scrub until you're 100% sure it's spotless. let it sit over night (barrel down) then repeat! I recently read that 98% of "shot out" barrels are fouling! PM if I can assist - I'm in Georgia.
  5. GreyFox

    300 win mag load

    Works at 334 yards, I can tell you that much for certain! If I can remember to hold where I want the bullet to strike!
  6. GreyFox

    300 win mag load

    168 Barnes with a max charge of IMR 4350 (my go to powder) - remington brass and Mag primers, Honest 3200 fps, and sub MOA at 300 (farthest I can stretch out on my place here in Georgia).
  7. GreyFox

    Kuiu bino harness, 2 Sitka LS shirts

    He posted they are large but feel a little small to him - I've noticed the same, as have many others, The performance shirts tend to fit snug, not like a "casual" or work shirt, more like the athletic cut that's been shrunk a little.
  8. GreyFox

    Trekking poles for hunting?

    Takes a little to get used to, then it's an extension of your body so getting tangled is not an issue. Takes a lot of pressure off ankles and knees and distributes it through shoulders and back, Also great for flipping a coiled snake out of your way!!!
  9. GreyFox

    Sleeping bags

    temp rating in the US is not by any standard - there is a standard in Europe for their bags. I remember a very long, interesting thread over on Whiteblaze.
  10. GreyFox

    Sleeping bags

    Campmor used to have a down bag for $99 - I've got one 20 degrees. Color is awful and the shoulders are too narrow for me. I'm looking for a WM Badger but they're like $700 new...... Also, look real hard at quilts : https://enlightenedequipment.com I've got a Kelty 0 degree and a slumberjack 40 degree, but usually go with the campmor 20. You can always unzip if too warm and wear a base layer if REALLY cold. As stated, always go colder than you expect - you're in the elements and typically at a higher elevation.
  11. GreyFox


    Friend had a 25 WSSM for his 10 y/o grandson, He shot it no problem, I believe it was a ruger 77 but the recoil was nothing
  12. GreyFox


    It's been almost non existent sine the 22 craze. The 38 Special loads do a dang-dang on copperheads, rattlers and water moccasins in Georgia!!
  13. GreyFox

    Best muzzle brake

    What caliber? PM me, may be the easiest $50 you'll ever get on the 'net. (UNless you're Casey - he sells photos of himself for that on other web sites!!!)
  14. GreyFox

    Best muzzle brake

    I swear by Vais Brakes. I won't say I've shot them all, but I've shot a bunch, and for my $$$ it's a Vais. http://www.muzzlebrakes.com/
  15. GreyFox

    Dog fence alternatives

    6 acres will require a booster because of the length of the wire (underground electric fence) the newer ones are circular in that of the animal gets a certain distance from the center point, he gets a warning beep then a jolt. I had on on my property - worked great, dog learned to stay put, wire got cut and repaired and cut and repaired and burned, finally I said the heck with it!! Dog knows to stay on property. Absolutely NO IDEA why the font changed??? Also, had a lab, beautiful dog - but the collar had ZERO effect on her - she didn't ground so no charge. Shock the HECK out of me when I touched her, but she'd lay on the trench where I'd just buried the wire and look at me and say "Thanks Dad...."