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  1. jgabler

    30 A Mulies

    I don't want to know anyones secret spots or any spots at all. I know there are a lot of whitetail down there, but have never really heard about the Mule deer down there. Does anyone have any pics of deer they have taken there or seen. I decided to get a leftover tag down there so I can go hunting with my sister again. It's been a long time since I have gotten to hunt with her, so I was just wondering what I might have to look forward to. Thanks
  2. jgabler

    Sister in laws great buck!

    Heck yeah. Anyone that wouldn't shoot a buck like that is out of their mind. I wish I could have a chance at one like that. Good job
  3. jgabler


    Wow that is awesome. I'm still waiting to get one like that myself
  4. jgabler

    Skinny Fronts Bull (video)

    That's pretty cool. I would've had a hard time not letting the release go for sure if I was standing there with a tag and bow in hand.
  5. jgabler

    The Wife's first deer hunt

    Congrats to her for sure.
  6. jgabler

    Traveling for coues MO to AZ part 2

    Nice job. Congrats to all 4
  7. jgabler

    Very Nice non typical Coues

    That's awesome and all there is to say about that. Congrats.
  8. jgabler

    My second Coues Buck

    Anyone who didn't think that is a nice buck is out of their minds.....I'm still looking for one over 100. Congrats for sure.
  9. jgabler

    dead rockies

    That's a bummer for sure
  10. jgabler


    Nice. This is the only unit I put in for with desert bighorns. Twenty or thirty years from now maybe I can go after his great grandson. Good job
  11. jgabler

    another late archery elk

    That sure is a nice buck...Congrats...and the bull too.
  12. jgabler

    Unit 10... bulls found... hunt tomorrow

    Good luck...Looks like it might be alright.
  13. jgabler

    Bagged a great one

    That I am. Who is this?
  14. jgabler


    If those are small mule deer bucks sign me up because one day I wish to get one like that for sure. Congrats
  15. jgabler

    My bro and i

    Wholly smokesticks those are awesome. Congrats