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    20B Javalina-Archery

    That will be new for me. Not use to hunting in a high traffic area but im still excited about trying a new area
  2. Mro111

    20B Javalina-Archery

    I am excited to try a NEW unit. Will be working all thru Thanks Giving holiday week so wont be able to get out to do some scouting till after this week.
  3. Mro111

    20B Javalina-Archery

    Hello Fellow Hunters This year i drew for unit 20b Javalina Bow Hunt and was hoping to get some tips for this area. Will be my first year hunting this Unit. Thanks!
  4. Mro111

    20B HAM

    I drew 20b Javalina for year 2018 and i am not familiar with this area at all. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Mro111

    Newbie hunting 37b

    I've read about this caller...will have to get one for next year. Thanks!!
  6. Mro111

    Newbie hunting 37b

    Hello Gents, Newbie here just starting to get back into Archery after too many years away. Previously never hunted 37b till recently and finding it to be a very nice area and can see why its so popular maybe too popular. Have seen the Javalinas but they are just too skittish and only 2 or 3 at a time, prob. from being pressured much during this season. So far have hung out on the Flats but again lots of traffic, doing my best to stay away from. Will try one more time this weekend and hopefully i can get onto a larger herd as this hunt is about to end. Feels Fantastic just to get out there again and dust off the cob webs re-familiarizing myself with all the lil tricks. Any friendly tips most surely welcome. Good Luck to my fellow Bow Hunters out there doing the same and be safe. Thanks!