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    Winchester Large Rifle Magnum Primers-FOUND SOME !

    If you get desperate I have one sleeve of 100 I don't need but I'm in Buckeye.
  2. Like I said, long shot on this one but worth a try. I have an extra piston for a Deadair Ghost-M threaded in 1/2-28 and I would like to trade for a fixed mount threaded in 5/8-24. Also will just sell the piston for $80 shipped. Message with any questions, thanks folks.
  3. D4HighDesert

    6.5 Creedmore 143gr Eld-X Precision Hunter Ammo

    I know a guy who has been looking for some. Sent him your number 👍
  4. D4HighDesert

    SOLD Federal Power Shok .270 Ammo (brass sold)

    Bump still available
  5. D4HighDesert

    SOLD** 6.5 CM Rem 700 SPS AAC-SD drop $600

    This was a three shot group, adjustment, three shot group, adjustment and final shot. Using Hornady American gunner 140 bthp.
  6. D4HighDesert

    SOLD Federal Power Shok .270 Ammo (brass sold)

    Sounds good, I’ll send you a DM
  7. I poked around on the search bar and didn’t find anything really relating to my question but maybe you guys have seen it before. I reload quite a bit of 9mm and occasionally I’ll get batches where one side of the shell has a little warp in it where the base of the bullet is, where as the other side is smooth. It seems as the the bullet has gone is slightly crooked but the tip looks flat when held in a micrometer. I recently loaded up some 124 gr Sig V-crowns made by Sierra and lots of them did it. Mixed brass of Speer, Winchester and others. All of them seem to cycle in my Glock, Sig and S&W just fine so it’s not exactly an issue but I’d prefer to not look at it lol. Any similar experiences? Both rounds in the picture have the little warp but the left round is facing the camera to show the warp and the right round is facing the warp away to show the smooth side. Any input is appreciated. -Randy
  8. D4HighDesert

    9mm reloading/ shell warping

    Using a Lee ultimate 4 die set from the 1980s I believe.
  9. D4HighDesert

    SOLDHoyt RX-1 Turbo 29” 70 lbs RH Drop $950

    Draw results bump
  10. D4HighDesert

    Christensen Ridgeline 7mm RM + brass SOLD*

    Draw results bump
  11. D4HighDesert

    H1000 in stock!

    Came down a little, $54
  12. D4HighDesert

    H1000 in stock!

    Thank you. Got two lbs about 2 hours ago. Looked like he had about 6 lbs still on the shelf.
  13. D4HighDesert

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

    PM sent
  14. D4HighDesert

    Sig P320 FCU

    I just built a p320 xcarry. Pretty neat design they came up with for these FCUs.
  15. D4HighDesert

    Remington 700 trigger

    I’ve got one you can have if you can wait till the next time I’m down that direction or want to pay shipping. Let me know.
  16. D4HighDesert

    H1000 and h4350

    Spragues in Yuma had 9 lbs of H4350 last week if you have any buddies that live there.
  17. D4HighDesert

    Sightron Siii 6-24x50 sold

    Let me know if the sale doesn’t work out please 👍
  18. D4HighDesert

    Blackhorn 209

    Thank you!
  19. D4HighDesert

    I found some !

    I have a Ridgeline in 7mm for sale right now on here if you end up finding components.
  20. I have about 160 pieces of old Remington and Winchester Western 7mm rem mag brass. I am curious as to what the quality of this old brass is like compared to new Winchester and Remington. I understand newer brass is considered soft and not as well made but is that also true for old Winchester and Remington brass or was it made better back then like other things? I’ve attached a picture of the boxes to demonstrate their age since I don’t actually know the year or anything. Any input is appreciated!
  21. D4HighDesert

    Brass quality question

    Good deal thank you, I am going to give that a try tonight with a little tempilaq.
  22. D4HighDesert

    Brass quality question

    What do you use to chuck the brass in the drill?