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    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Any more hits over the weekend??
  2. jessedlc2

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Got hit for 15$ maybe youth javelina..... is it over???????????
  3. jessedlc2


    Is this modular system??
  4. jessedlc2

    Bow case

    Im coming up for kids baseball this weekend are u near surprise???
  5. Is this still available
  6. jessedlc2

    Day One Results

    Is it really over?
  7. jessedlc2

    1 Day!!!

    Is it over😱😱😱😱
  8. jessedlc2

    Scouting in 3b

    Thanks again
  9. jessedlc2

    Scouting in 3b

    To all those who chimed in on this post thank you!!!! Unfortunately i will not be able to hunt, I donated the tag to hunts for heroes. Had an awesome season shot 4 bucks hanging it up for the year thank u again
  10. jessedlc2

    Arizona youth hunt

    I also happened to shoot my very first mule deer the following week. Souther Cali desert muley I had scouted him earlier and found him opening morning, lucky!!!!!! plus i was hunting solo, made for an awesome experience.
  11. jessedlc2

    Arizona youth hunt

    Thank you, i go back to Arizona for mule deer on the 27th of october
  12. jessedlc2

    Arizona youth hunt

    No idea how to fix this pic, sorry
  13. jessedlc2

    Arizona youth hunt

    My 13 yo son gannons first mule deer
  14. jessedlc2

    card hit