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  1. CatfishKev

    22S Last Night

    6 arrows at 6 bulls I would bet money he has a dead bull. Does this idiot know he should make sure his broadheads are sharp? Or is he just using field points? Good freaking lord.
  2. CatfishKev

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    Man, suddenly I was wish I was friends with this guy.
  3. CatfishKev

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Dammit lenny!
  4. CatfishKev

    Weimaraner for sale!

    You wanted to do what to that dog?!?
  5. CatfishKev

    Wounding bulls

    I have no facts to back up my opinion other then there's more rifle tags then archery tags. Now include youth hunts in the rifle tags and I'm not just referring to bull or buck hunts but factor in doe and cow hunts. Wannabe long range shooters outweigh archery shooters by a wide margin. Buck fever happens to rifle hunters too. But I agree 100% on your last sentence. In the end that sums it all up.
  6. CatfishKev

    Weimaraner for sale!

    11 posts. Never to return again.
  7. CatfishKev

    Rut Activity

    Keep looking!
  8. CatfishKev

    Az Deer Association Rifle raffle

    I need to go change my underpants now.
  9. CatfishKev

    Anyone know this truck?

    Kuiu. There I said it.
  10. CatfishKev

    Wounding bulls

    I'd be willing to bet theres even more with rifle.
  11. CatfishKev

    22S Last Night

  12. CatfishKev

    Youth javelina

    Cant be the same hunt number
  13. CatfishKev

    Portable ozone generator

    Thinking about getting one of the small ones for in the blind with me on the bison hunt. Anyone with experience? This one's on campfire today.. https://www.camofire.com/index.php/Deals/35
  14. CatfishKev

    Portable ozone generator

    What if I just set it outside the blind I've heard they are dumb cattle but I've also heard they are completely different animals off the park and will bolt if they wind you.
  15. CatfishKev

    Portable ozone generator

    The ozone generators neutralize odor.
  16. CatfishKev

    12AW Early Hunt- When does it Snow?

    Typically the early hunt they are just starting to trickle off the top, and there are still plenty on top as well. On the early hunt last year there was a light dusting one morning but no real snow until the late hunt.
  17. CatfishKev

    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    Go read a bunch of the bison posts. I didnt know what I was really getting into until after I drew the tag for the hunt next month. Once they finally reduce the herd it will be even harder to draw. For the most part it's a sit in a blind hunt over water or salt. You are allowed to drive up to them in the meadow for recovery if you happen to get one there but that's not the norm. If you do the co op the guides will help you pack it out for $500
  18. CatfishKev

    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    Seriously though, have you actually ate horsemeat? I remember a Bill Quimby post where he mentioned eating zebra.
  19. CatfishKev

    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    You mentioned that in your grindr profile.
  20. CatfishKev

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    Pretty sad to see someone stoop so low.
  21. CatfishKev

    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    I heard today that supposedly horsemeat is pretty close to elk.
  22. CatfishKev

    Unit 22 Youth Hunt

    Youth camp invites should be in your mail now if you didn't already get them. Mine came a couple days ago.
  23. CatfishKev

    Cold Storage or Processor Near Young?

    Dave, Pitchfork unlimited. It's right in young. I believe its $10 per 24 hours.
  24. CatfishKev

    Any metalheads?

    I would have loved to see Lamb of God when they opened for slayer. Heard it was a real punch your brother in the eye show.
  25. CatfishKev

    2019 coues

    What a beast! Congrats!