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  1. To be clear. I didnt draw any wieners. Not that its below me though. I'm plenty immature at times. The pinstripes are a badge of honor!
  2. Ended up sticking with the slick trick 1 1/8" 100 grain. Other then my poor preparation and shot placement they performed great. First shot that went in back lungcavity through the diaphragm and came out stomach was barely hanging out the opposite side by the fletchings. Scapula shot was about 4" into the lung cavity. Gut shot you can see in pic lodged in her front left quarter and broke off. I found it when cleaning up the meat. The last shot in the neck blew out the other side. All in all I would use them again.
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    Kembria's Turn (Our Epic Fall Part 3)

    Awesome rifle!
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    Taxidermy Nightmare!

    Shouldn't you have done something when you saw him throwing that stuff in the trash?
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    Kembria's Turn (Our Epic Fall Part 3)

    Awesome job guys! What kind of rifle and wheres the pic of the shed?
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    3c youth elk hunt

    Wow! She's a veggie head and still killed an elk? That's awesome!
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    3 for 3 One day at a time

    Great job to all!
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    Her first deer.

  9. They will definitely be hard to forget... and i wouldn't want to anyway. Thanks man.
  10. I knew you liked me. I just figured it was because I'm extremely handsome.
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    Who is This?

    Kinda figured. Too easy but does look similar. I do like these historical threads though.
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    Who is This?

    Is that Doc?
  13. Ok part 4. Kids elk hunt. Well after I call Aurora off on the shot we head back up hill. I see a white 4 door Chevy truck glassing the area we were in. I can tell though after being in the bowl we were in they could not have seen the elk I just busted. I probably just blew it for them too. Next morning go up high on the same spot. I know elk will be in the meadow somewhere but I opt to go up higher for a better vantage point to mark location. I see where I think they are but stay for a bit more light to make sure. I also see headlights in the distance making their way towards us and hope they are deer hunters... At this point I wonder if Swaro 15s would prove themselves over my meopta. Once I have enough light to verify we jump in the truck and go for it. When I get to the bottom I open the gate and before I drive through I stand on my step bars to reverify location one last time. I dont see the herd but I do see two figures silhouetted in the distance on the meadow closing in on our elk. And unfortunately they are ahead of us... I think dang, but at that point I realize it's the white Chevy from last night. I know they made a quicker play then us and probably saw my truck light up on the way down and made a b line for them. I dont fault them at all, after all that's hunting. I wish them luck silently in my head and bust out of the area while there is still light to make a move somewhere else. We get to the top of the ridge and find Dale waiting in his truck for us. He says you guys are in a hurry you must be on something. I tell him no and say what just happened. He gets in my truck and we head elsewhere and he drops a little jewel on me. "Never glass from where you cant make a move on foot and so you dont have to start your truck up and spook something". Pretty darn solid advice and he was right. The only reason i did it that way was because I knew if the elk were in that bowl they were not glassable. But they weren't in the bowl and they WERE glassable from where the white Chevy was. Live and learn I guess. Anyway, Dale takes us to what I would consider by Duwane Adam's vocab.. a "push zone" or a sanctuary if you will. Problem is this is not where you wanna pack out an animal. We split up to go glass and leave the 2 kids by the truck to entertain themselves while we search. He glassed some up and I found a bull with cows but they were far away and in nasty country. We talk and come up with a mid morning plan.. While glassing, the kids entertained themselves. Entertained themselves indeed. They decided to draw on the dust on my truck, Aurora also took a pic of Caliche and added some "art" to it herself. Ordinarily this may have upset the old Kev, because I really didnt want to be scratching up the paint of my truck. But on the first bison scouting trip I got a couple scratches on the truck. On the actual hunting trip due to being in a hurry thanks to my broken intercooler I was in a rush and got a few more scratches. I figured hey it's a once in a lifetime hunt just roll with it. Well by this time I knew it was time to make a choice. Do I want to have a still halfway decent truck or or just subdue to the fact that I just love hunting to much to have a nice truck. Well at that point I finally made the decision to just "let it go" and let me tell you. It was a freeing moment for me. Well here is some of my truck art. It basically consists of some poorly drawn Boston terriers and penises. So before you judge me or my kids let me just tell you. Whatever you think you know from this you are probably wrong. No conversation is taboo in our home, and we dont hide anything we talk about from them, and have left them exposed to the world but with explanations for all the things they experience in life. We obviously have an off sense of humor and will do and say things just to make people laugh. It's all about humor here. Deal with it. Anyhoo, after heading back to take Dale to his truck we stopped at the last gate and he says stop! backup for a second and so I do. When I do I feel something give in my brakes and as I start to pull forward and slow down I feel my brakes go completely spongy. I jumped out of the truck to look at the opposite wheel that i already changed pads on only to see my tire completely covered in brake fluid and I think come on man not on the last day. Well that morning Aurora and caliche not only got their second try at changing out tires and brake pads they also learned how to install a whole brand new brake caliper. The crappy part was while we were supposed to be hunting we were sitting waiting for someone to bring us a new caliper from Payson. Once it was installed we were on our way with only 3 hours left of the hunt. We Haul butt up to a spot where Dale had spotted a bull up on a hill and believe that he had cows with him even though he couldn't see them. On the way up I decide to Glass the hill that Aurora shot a buck last year that we ended up not being able to retrieve. I called her over and I say hey check this out she looks in my glass and sees a cow feeding she immediately wants to go grab the gun. I tell her I don't want her shooting this distance and that we will put this in her back pocket and head up to the top where Dale saw the bull. She is a completely against it but I override her and we drive to the top. I make the kids glass the hill the bull is supposed to be on and I go climbing a knob that gives me a better view of the other areas, i find nothing and head back to the truck. I asked my daughter if she is prepared to take a long shot she says yes let's do it. We go back down find the elk get her set up on two packs on top of each other and one I have stuffed with down bags so that she can use it to lay prone. She is laying down hill in rocks and I didn't know it at the time but as we were waiting for shots to present themselves she had rocks digging into her elbows and arms stomach and hips she had tears in her eyes and never told me. Me and Caliche see she's hurting and take off our jackets for her to lay on. I made her take several dry fire shots over and over again and make her promise me that the target stayed where it was supposed to be every single time before I even let her put a round in the chamber. Now she was ready and I told her it was up to her and for an agonizing half an hour she lined up a shot and got ready to squeeze the trigger and the cow would move, or another cow would step in front of her or behind her. It was completely maddening and light was fading fast. Finally the moment presented itself and she squeezed the trigger I saw the cow Lurch forward just a bit, she walked a few steps and bedded down.. at this point she took another couple shots but it was pretty much dark and I told her our only option was to come back in the morning and look. I left one of my cheaper pairs of binos on the tripod facing the exact spot that we lost track of her. The next morning I pulled out my Garmin GPS and use that little known feature called sight and go. I pointed it in the right direction typed in the distance and it was ready to chirp once we got to that side of the Hill. Since I decided I was officially over worrying about scratches on my truck I wasn't worried about the two track that would take us up there. My truck is now officially full of the Arizona pinstripes. The front left headlight and back of the truck bed isn't from the trip though. Let's call the front headlight an act of my wife when she had a sheer fit of "joy" and the other was another act of my wife when she tried jackknifing a trailer for the first time. You may not know this about my wife but she is crazier than a shithouse rat and if you do know that about my wife please don't post it here. On the upside I got a good buddy named Justin that has a whole body shop at his disposal. Hopefully soon I will have him fix the front end and my wife's jackknife mishap. If you all need some affordable top notch work hit me up! Once we finally get up top of the other side of the hill we start working our way down to a knob from there I find the bottom half of a broken off elk shed we all check it out and are pretty stoked over our find. We make our way further down where my Garmin starts chirping and says hey we're here! We start circling around in some thick nasty s*** and lo and behold I find the other matching elk shed! We searched all around the only thing we find is what I believe to be either a tiny piece of coughed up lung or a piece that came out of her side no other specs of blood absolutely nothing. Later in the morning we went to get one of Dale and Heather hounds and one of their other dogs they throw on some expensive freaking GPS collars with an expensive GPS unit to monitor where they're going and we roll back out. We end up heading back down to the same exact spot so that I can let the dogs take a whiff of the good stuff. Then we start just kind of walking around and working our way down hill, and down to the nearest tank. We're thinking that we might get lucky along the way and find our cow. Well as luck would have it we don't find our cow but we do find some blisters on our feet and when walking around the tank Caliche finds his first ever shed which happens to be a nice 2 point whale tail shed. In the end it just didn't happen for my little girl. She hunted hard and suffered as usual. She still had fun though and I did too just to be able to hang out with my kids. The hike back up to the truck was not too much fun but we did the right thing and I'm proud of my kids for putting in the effort to do the right thing. Stay tuned for next years mishaps...
  14. Part 3. The kids cow hunt... So we zipped down to 23 and got to the youth camp barely in time to sign the kids in and have a steak dinner. Now originally the whole plan was to have Dale take my kids out hunting while I was on the Bab. I decided against that because I didn't know when I would ever have the opportunity to have my wife and kids with me up there for one and for two I really wanted them to see Bison up close and personal, something that I've always myself wanted to see. Well we still joined with Dale to hunt the next morning. Saw some elk and made a move, in our haste we realized we were after the satellite bulls so that pretty much was it for that morning. That night we went back and checked an area to make an evening plan but that plan involved a whole bunch of hiking the next am. We were all tired from traveling and decided the next morning to hunt around camp up top. Went to find Caliche later that night and see this... We ended up sleeping a bit too late so rushed to get in the truck and go check a couple areas. Got to a burn and jumped out to glass every hundred or so yards. I hear a bugle and start to give chase, hes moving fast and than we hear nearby shots. That's pretty much it for that morning. Unfortunately a couple days later we went and checked that area and found a young spike bull laying just off the road covered in crows and stinking something fierce. That evening we decided to split up. I Sent Aurora with Dale to hunt in Young and me and Caliche went up to check a super secret evening spot. Its super secret because it's a special place that's known to hold 200" mule deer bucks. You guessed it... POWERLINES BABY!!! We park at the top and theres a truck parked there, I walk over to one of the giant metal powerline thingymajigs that hold up the wires. I glass the north side and suddenly realize theres a dude sitting there, he startles me and I blurt out a profanity. He then tells me his son is taking his grandaughter on a cow youth hunt. I tell him good luck and we head down to the next opening. I drive the road downhill a bit and stop to glass out my window and I drive off to see the dude with his kid standing there and drive down the hill. Once I get to a place I can glass a good distance I found cows way in the bottom. I decide to rush up the hill and try to find the dude with his daughter. I hope we can maybe help them fill a tag too. I tap the horn a few times and yell for them out the window. I wait for a few minutes and theres no response. We zip down and park the truck where the herd cant see us. We hightail it into the edge of the woods and work our way down. Pop out, and the cows are right there. I try to lay my pack down and get Caliche set up but theres a slight highspot in the ground and he cant see. He says let's use the tripod. I say are you sure? He says yeah. We set him up on the biggest cow and she's staring right at us, I know I'm already shaking and I know hes gotta be too. I hear a boom and an instant thump. I look through my glass as fast as I can and see her drop like a rug slipped out from under her. I'm like "dude you drilled her!" And hes like dad I might have gut shot her. I tell him I dont think so.. we get over there and its obvious she's paralyzed and I see the look on his face, instant sadness and I can tell he is riddled with guilt. I tell him that we need to end her suffering quickly and he does. Afterwards I explain how he felt is good and we should have empathy and respect for the animals we hunt and that I'm proud of him. I quickly emphasize the high notes of what just happened and what he just accomplished as we go get the truck and make a quick call to Dale. Were hoping Aurora didnt kill because I didnt wanna do 2 night time pack outs. We look over his cow and take a few pics. I'm amazed by the size of this cow, never had one this big before. She was nice and healthy with lots of fat. She is way bigger then the pics show. Literally I have never seen one this big. Once Dale is there we all jump in for an evening pack out. If y'all want to learn how to break down an animal FAST! hang out with Dale! I was helping sure... but it was all Dale that made this pack out happen in record time. I kid you not from start to finish we were driving away in literally one hour! Holy crap! I thought me and my family doing it in a few hours was a record! I learned some new stuff that night and was happy to be next to Dale on this one. I feel more confident than I ever have when it comes down to breaking down big animals in the field. Crazy thing is he didn't break out a knife once. All done with a shortened version of a havalon knife. Probably not more then 4 inches in total length and that cow was done.. crazy! Now fast forward.. the the night before last day. Dale tells me where to go to glass where I see a herd at last light. The plan is to hike in up top a bluff in the dark to where they should be under us. Well dumb dumb (me) goes to the wrong spot. I'm supposed to be on the ridge that I'm glassing just off a big flat of a meadow. Well just under the meadow are deep cuts and I'm seeing elk work there way up. Finally see a bowl that's not glassable from anywhere except from my position. Elk are actually in the meadow and we start hauling butt down the hill. First time to this spot and I just bust in there with my honking loud diesel thinking I still am half a mile away.. nope I'm right on them and I send the herd scattering like a friggin idiot. Aurora jumps out for a shot but I call her off. I know it will be too rushed and it's just not a good idea. Battery in phones gonna die. Second half in a few....
  15. Anyway here's a few more pics of the bison portion of the hunt. Will be adding the elk part shortly. It was great to have the kids up there with us. Mom made them have a contest to see who could collect the most firewood, clever of her huh? Auggie won! Also a pretty cool pic of my daughter squishing a bison with just 2 fingers.
  16. Yeah that was us. Lost interest after all the national anthem crap. Wasnt die hard myself anyway but the wife's cuz played for them.
  17. When's your hunt? Do you have a plan?
  18. Momma and Auggie the oldest boy held their own on this one.
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    2019 fall cow bison hunt in the books!

    Do a framed 3d shadow box with a picture of you with the animal and the penny and bullet in it. A picture framing shop would know what it is.
  20. Thanks Nick. I enjoyed the morning and didnt get myself into too hot of water by coming home a bit later. You guys have a solid plan. I want to see pics asap!
  21. Part 2. We get settled in the blind and spend about an hour just trying to organize gear and have everything ready just in case an opportunity presents itself. Set our burritos in front of the buddy Heater to start warming up our breakfast. After it starts to get light start seeing and hearing critters emerge. Muley doe and her fawns come to the tank and keeps us entertained for a few minutes. 730 ish rolls around and here comes the co OP hunter. I'm kind of thinking to myself why do they meet at 5am and still show up so late. Dave the other forum member who just killed said the same thing when he hunted his spot. I see him glass my blind and I get out to go greet him. I let him know I'm happy to share the spot, and encourage him hes at one of the best spots. Since he showed up I told him I would only ask for dibs on first shot and told him I would use my bow to increase his chances by not blowing out the herd if they show up. He agreed and I continue to tell him about what my trail cams showed and assure him it's a good spot. We get back in our blinds and the wait begins.. Well about 8am or slightly after I see a bull coming in from the North, what? That's freaking weird I for sure thought they would come from the south.. I tell my boy Bison Bison! Immediately adrenalin starts flowing, I try to quietly alert the co OP guy. Behind the bull another then another and then an entire herd and they are moving fast and with apparent purpose. I was truly surprised how quick they were there. The water tank was mostly iced over and they just come crashing in breaking the ice it was totally nuts. There all in line along the water and one bull seems to ram the herd sideways pushing them all like dominoes splashing and just making a total ruckus. Now I have my bow in hand and already pre ranged certain spots. I'm holding my binos and constantly scanning bellies for that penis sheath. I see a cow and draw back... she moves. I wait and draw back again and another pops in front of her. Same thing a third time and have to draw back down... wow this is frustrating. Calm down kev just wait for your chance. A lone bull comes over in front of us to the salt and stares at us, does he see me? Anxiety is creeping in with the adrenaline now. Finally a confirmed cow heads over to the salt and my heart starts pumping faster... this is it dude make this shot count. She gets to the salt but has not pulled her right leg forward, still slightly back and I know I should wait but the panic sets in and I let the arrow fly.. hit but not in the heart where I wanted it. Just slightly back barely catching a back lung and angled out through her stomach. I'm already mentally kicking myself in the face. You freaking idiot why didnt you wait?! The herd is immediately alerted and half start trotting off. She turns opposite direction.. now I'm even more jacked up and not having the chance to correct my bow I try to make a follow up shot and completely forget I'm shooting left and fling another arrow. Thump right into the shoulder blade. Jeez kev you are totally blowing this shoot.. it penetrates but not enough. She's still more or less staying in place as the first shot hurt her and now the all the remaining herd bolts except for two other bison. This is where I start to notice something interesting. After speaking to another hunter he mentioned that after a bison is killed sometimes the herd will come back to mourn there fallen herd member. I dont know if I believe that but then the two other bison come and stand on either side of her and start sniffing the arrows sticking out of her. They stand around her seeming just to keep her company and watch over her. It's a very surreal moment, but still I am here to try and fill this tag. At this point they have worked out to 40 yards or so. Finally she turns and the other two give me a shooting lane. She is quartered away from me facing the right. I draw back and aim for the boiler room, again completely not remembering to compensate and sure enough right in the guts and anchors into the front left leg. Kill shot yeah but I'm still kicking myself in the face. Now I'm wondering why the co op guy hasn't shot the other cow yet. I nock my fourth and last arrow and wait for a boom from the other hunter or another shot opportunity. Finally she turns to the left about 45 yards. I attempt one last double lung finish shot and let her rip. Again to the left and now that she's farther away it's even worse. Bam, right through the neck and I hit the jugular and blood starts spewing out and I feel a tidal wave of relief pass over me. She starts to wobble and falls over in an amazing cloud of dust. I'm extatic and me and Caliche are quietly celebrating, but quietly to offer the other hunter his chance. I say to my son why is this guy not shooting.. I hear the co OP guy say "is that a cow" and im like yeah dude I'm pretty sure that's a cow. BOOM! the whole area echoes like thunder and the animal falls while the other bull runs off into the woods. We get out of our blinds celebrating. We are in sheer disbelief that this all happened so quickly. Me and Caliche go look at the cow and I'm in utter amazement. Then we walk over to the co op hunters bison. Oh shoot this is a bull! My heart immediately drops and I am overridden with guilt, he asked me for verification and I was certain it was a cow and now I feel like a total asshole. Here's the thing, my main objective for ID was the penis sheath and when we checked this animal the sheath had a small amount of mud which made it matted up against the belly and it totally looked like a cow and since it was young the head was still small. In retrospect the horns were a giveaway but I know theres exceptions to the rule which is why I focused on the sheath. Well he calls the guide to report it and I head back to the camper ro round up the crew for help. I come flying into camp honking the horn like a madman when I start getting close. My daughter informs my wife apparently "oh its dad honking the horn, he probably just needs to take a crap". Lol what!?!? and as I pull up I see the door open and my wife pops her head out like no way... I jump out and yell Bison with my bow first day!!! She bursts into tears and starts hugging me and screaming with excitement. I then tell her about the other hunter and what happened and were all feeling awful about it. We all jump in the vehicles and head back to break the animal down. When we get back I apologize to the guy profusely and tell him I swore that was a cow. He didnt hold me at fault, he thought it was too and he pulled the trigger. I still feel crappy that my good luck was somewhat tainted by his bad luck but that's what happened and I just cant do anything to change it. In the end game and fish took his tag and confiscated the bull. He does at least have a chance to bid on it at auction which I hope he does... Eventually the guide shows up and offers to winch my cow into the back of my truck to get it and myself out of the area for which I gladly oblige. The rest of the day is spent doing the dirty work.
  22. Consolation prizes. Elk woulda still been a lot cooler..
  23. When we went to the store for snacks she didnt even wanna go in because her stomach hurt so bad over it. She's a good kid.
  24. Hey man I need to make my little girl feel better.
  25. CatfishKev

    2019 fall cow bison hunt in the books!

    Awesome dude! Took the whole family in there and got the crushed pennies. Even got two to make my wife earrings. The skull looks awesome. Are you gonna do a mount or a blanket?