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  1. MidwestWT

    New Hoyt Bows

    Anyone have a chance to look at the new Hoyt bows?
  2. MidwestWT

    Bullet Proof Elk study

    Did you take a grip and grin with the collar on?
  3. MidwestWT

    Bullet Proof Elk study

    Also who is going to shoot a cow with a collar on it?
  4. MidwestWT

    Diaphragm Elk Call

    What's your favorite diaphragm call for both cow calls and bugles?
  5. MidwestWT

    Carter Releases

    I ended buying a just b-cuz and really liked difference of a sear release compared to what I had before and then I also bought a sweet spot pro to try out back tension. Switching between the two has really helped my shot execution and taking out any anticipation that I was starting to have creep up before.
  6. MidwestWT

    torn rotator cuff

    I would be cautious to see if there are any other options to try before surgery. There is a book written by John Kirsch, called "Shoulder Pain, The Solution & Prevention". He was a former orthopedic surgeon who stopped performing surgeries because he would found that having patients hang from a bar helped reshaped the bones surrounding the rotator cuff so that it is no longer impinged. I've used it and had great results in reducing shoulder pain and increasing mobility.
  7. MidwestWT

    Favorite Headlamp

    Last fall I used a Black Diamond Revolt and was pretty happy with it, but I'm just curious what else is out there. What's you favorite headlamp to use?
  8. MidwestWT

    What does your "long range" hunting rifle way?

    I prefer intercontinental missiles. Pretty tough to carry but I'll take the weight penalty cause I can hit a Coues from Canada.
  9. MidwestWT

    Carter Releases

    Currently, I have a Tru-fire edge 4 finger release and I'm looking to upgrade. Has anyone used carter releases? and if so what model and what did you think of it?
  10. MidwestWT

    European mounts

    Those all look great! What kind of whitening products are you using?
  11. This coming spring I have been thinking about trying to do a DIY bear hunt in NW Montana. Currently I've been looking at Lolo National Forest. Does anyone have any experience in this area or know of a better place to focus on?
  12. MidwestWT

    Under Armour pisses off hunting community

    I don't think there is any debate over the method of taking the animal, although it might be uncomfortable, it was legal. The issue for me is that they were seeking attention for it. Some people might not understand, but to me hunting is a very unique and special connection to an animal that requires a lot of respect. If you go to their instagram page for Bowmar Bowhunting you can watch Josh shoot at a mule deer from 95 yards. When he releases the arrow the animal is quartering towards him and it then spins to take off and hits it perfectly in the vitals, which ends of being the best possible outcome. I know this opens another can of worms on what is an ethical shot, but there is no possible way he knew that would happen when he released the arrow. I think the biggest take away from this is that we as hunters need to be careful about what videos/pictures we are posting. Anti-hunters are looking for any possible thing they can find to set hunting back. Posting a video of a black bear being speared is a lot for people to handle who do not have any prior knowledge of hunting. If that is their first experience with hunting it is difficult to back track and explain the positive aspects of hunting such as conservation and providing organic meat for your family.
  13. MidwestWT


    Is the pack still for sale?
  14. MidwestWT

    Filtering Water

    Anyone use a steripen?
  15. MidwestWT

    Delorme InReach

    What can you send as far as messages? Are they preset or can you send regular texts similar to a phone?