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    Remington 700 aac-sd 308

    Sorry asking 800obo.
  2. Hoytman

    Eberlestock X2 w/ Bow Bucket

    Message sent
  3. Hoytman

    WTB Left Handed Compound Bow

    Left you a message
  4. Hoytman

    AZGFD portal

    Unit 8 early archery bull for two of us
  5. I'm sure it's been asked before but I've never gotten a clear answer. How are the bonus points counted when multiple people apply on the same app? I've heard they take the person with the highest number of points. Also I've heard you either all get drawn or nobody does. Thanks and sorry if this has been answered before
  6. Hoytman

    Finally got lucky

    I was finally lucky enough to draw an early archery bull tag. Either 5b south or 8. Did anyone spend anytime in these units last year? How was the hunting? I spent time in 10 last year with a buddy and we left a bit disppointed i that unit
  7. Hoytman

    Portal results

    Not seeing anything. 3coues is probably right
  8. Hoytman

    Finally got lucky

    If it's a 5b South tag maybe I'll get lucky again and just have a chance to see this monster bull.... Never know what could happen
  9. Hoytman

    Finally got lucky

    Explorer it seems that's how things are during archery deer season. People spend little or no time scouting and always seem to camp right where the deer hang out when it's not season
  10. Hoytman

    Hi to all you newbies

    Thanks for the welcome. Im new to the forum but I was born and raised here in Prescott. I enjoy all hunting but particularly have a passion for archery. I mostly chase muleys but finally drew my first bull tag this year.
  11. Hoytman

    Finally got lucky

    Thanks willflow. I was actually planning on starting near there since I live in chino. Just wasn't sure how many would be in there in September
  12. Hoytman

    Finally got lucky

    Also congrats to everone else who got draw and good luck to you all.