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  1. I have a 10x12 canvas wall tent. Made by ranier. No floor. It's an older tent but worked well Last time i used it in 2016. Been in my garage since. I remember it had a small hole in roof that could be patched and a tear in one of the mesh windows. Has a stove jack. Will include frame and fittings. Asking 350obo. Will set it up with any buyers. Located in chino valley. First person with cash gets it.

  2. Interesting that they think banning sales in Canada will stop it but also admit that only one of his several firearms was sold there... And he didn't purchase any of them legally to begin with..... Punish the law abiding citizens though I'm sure that will work.

  3. Selling a used but good condition full size M&P 9. No obvious scratches or blemishes that i can find. Just normal barrel wear. It will come with 2 17 round mags. This model has a manual safety but a quick search shows you how to delete the safety of you wish. Asking 350 obo. One mag is brand new never fired, just loaded and sat in the safe. It cost me $40. So i think 350 is a fair deal. Located in prescott.