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    Young bow hunter interested in western big game, hiking, fishing, and being outdoors.
  1. studs1991

    Wyoming 2017 is Official

    Drew unit 44! First western big game hunt
  2. studs1991


    A very simple recipe I love is just making rabbit Parmesan in a crock pot. Rabbit, marinara, onions, and peppers. Serve over pasta and you've got yourself a good dish.
  3. studs1991

    New Mexico Antelope Video

    Awesome video. Trying to plan an antelope hunt for next year and debating between New Mexico and Wyoming
  4. studs1991

    Unit 21 Opening Day Buck

    Congrats on a fantastic 'lope
  5. studs1991

    otc idaho

    If you are looking for extensive public lands, I would recommend researching units up north! There are some big national forests up there. Some units west of Boise might also be a good place to look.
  6. studs1991

    Couldn't have asked for a more memorable elk hunt

    You said it best Norteno, he isn't the biggest bull out there, but it's quite an accomplishment with a bow. Glad you're happy with the animal you harvested.
  7. studs1991

    Elk pic

    Great bull, he has nice long main beams
  8. studs1991

    Bull of a lifetime UPDATED with story

    Awesome bull.... can't wait to hear the story on this bruiser
  9. studs1991

    The Wait Was Worth It

    Awesome 'lope! I love seeing pictures of these tall AZ pronghorn
  10. studs1991

    2016 Governor's Tag

    That elk is an absolute GIANT
  11. studs1991

    2015 Muley on the Wall

    That's an awesome looking buck. Super wide!!
  12. studs1991

    Almost Done!!

    Awesome animal. Congrats it will turn out great!
  13. studs1991

    WY - Whose in?

    I was close to applying for wyoming, but probably wouldn't have drawn a decent unit without paying over $500 for a NR Special Permit. Might wait a year or two and apply with bonus points.
  14. studs1991

    A year for a camera, pic heavy

    I love checking trail cameras after they've been sitting for months. Always feels like Christmas to me. Awesome pictures
  15. studs1991

    Lighted Nocks

    I've used both lumenock and nokturnals. Both have worked out great. After a few marginal shots and difficulty recovering my arrow, I decided it is smarter to always use them. It makes it much easier to see where/if you hit your target in low light situations. Definitely something worth investing in