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    Tritronis pro 500/g3

    I have a pro 500 3 dog system. Has trained lots of bird dogs, shows a little wear but everything works great. $200. Text me for pictures. 575-496-3219
  2. Thanks guys. We spend alot of time on our dogs and they do a great job for us.
  3. Hey hjwwy! I'm a diehard quail hunter. I go to Az a couple times a year. Do you have access to the Fort? I have always wanted to hunt that, I'm former Mil. but I think the restrictions are pretty tight. Here's a video of a trip we did a couple years ago. I'm the good looking guy with the beard! lol Hit me up if you want to put something together for Jan. 575-496-3219
  4. Hey 308, what brass and bushing size are you using?
  5. I have one of these in Vias size lrg. Used 3 days. Washed twice, I need a bigger size. $75 tyd. 575-496-3219
  6. Sorry, it's stainless and the forend is synthetic.
  7. Hello everyone! I have a TC prohunter 300 win mag barrel that I got with my muzzy. It has been sitting in the safe since I bought it and I will never use it. I have never fired it, but I don't know the round count. It comes with the rifle forend and a set of pretty closely matching leupold rings and a one peice base. I'm thinking $250. Also need lots of trades that I can add cash on my end. High end 15-20 power binos, kuiu pack frame and bag, nice scope for longer range shooting, interested in guns as well, shoot me what you have. Feel free to text me 575-496-3219.
  8. codym

    Beretta silver pigeon 20 ga

    ttt, really need a good rifle scope or 15x high end binos, can add cash to the right deal
  9. I have an older silver pigeonI don't use anymore. It is just back from beretta where it was fitted with a new set of barrels and ejectors, the rest of the shotgun was cleaned and serviced. The stock is rough with bings and marks (this was my main mearns gun for quite some time). I have two sets of beretta chokes for it and two extended briley skeet chokes. Let me know if interested. Looking to trade for some good optics, ie spotting scope, binos, or a high end rifle scope or a long range rifle in 30 nosler, 28 nosler, 300 wm, or possibly a 6.5 AR. Sell price is 1300. Fitting the new set of barrels and ejectors cost me this much. Text for pictures 575-496-3219 Im in NM but traveling to Az in Dec and Jan for mearns hunts.
  10. codym

    Mearns Opener

    great job! I can't wait to try some new country out west
  11. Hey guys, anyone hunt mearns in south eastern Az? I usually hunt them here in NM but it's a pretty bad year. I would like to expand my horizions a bit. If anyone is interested in maybe getting together for a hunt or even swapping hunts for some nm hunts im down. I have a bunch of pretty good pointers that mind thier manners.... at least most of the time!
  12. codym

    Beretta silver pigeon 20 ga

    Thanks Hoghntr!
  13. codym

    Beretta silver pigeon 20 ga

    I'm not a very tech savy guy I use to post alot on forums with photobucket but it was always a pain. Anyway I have no clue how to do it now but can definitely text anybody some.
  14. codym


    I was thinking specifically about the chiricahua's. Your more than welcome to come along. Just let me know when your free. I have a youth phesant hunt I'm guiding this weekend in Roswell but after that I'm free.
  15. codym


    I live in Las Cruces but I hunt all over southern NM. I'm planning on for sure coming in January after my deer hunt, but I would like to make a weekend trip or two in December...
  16. codym

    Beretta silver pigeon 20 ga

    Also have a dickinson 20 ga side by side, ejectors, choke tubes, double triggers, and 28' barrels. Very good condition $1200
  17. Hello can you text or email if you have these for some reason I'm having trouble with the PM. 575-496-3219 Codymc2213@gmail.com Thanks