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  1. ^^^ Just the money it takes to ship them.
  2. 2012 model. I have a few offers. I am not in hurry to sell them. They are excellent glass.
  3. Price lowered $1400.00 TYD
  4. balerjoe

    10X42 SLC vs 10X42 El's

    I am looking to upgrade from my 2010 10X42 SLC WB Swaro's to a newer model. Are the el's worth the extra money? Or are the new HD SLC better for the money? Are the 8.5X42 el's a better option in open country like New Mexico? I wanted to see if anyone has had gone through this and what the pros and the cons.
  5. These are in excellent condition look new. I just sent them into Swarovski for cleaning. 1500.00 TYD.
  6. Like title says I would like to see if any would like to trade their outdoorsmans tall tripod for my compact medium. Send me a PM if you are interested. I am not interested in selling my tripod at this time. thanks.