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  1. I would be willing to pay for that and shipping! Just let me know.
  2. Thank you very much for all of this great advice!! This is very very helpful!
  3. Vowell, Thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely try to do that.
  4. Just moved into a new house and unfortunately our favorite couch does not fit in the room we planned on putting it in. Couch has always been in a "Guest room" so has had little use over its life and the sleeper that is actually a super comfortable blowup (queen) with topper on it has been used maybe 5 times. Link below is where we got the couch however the ottoman is not included. Pump to go along with it. Sectional - 116" W x 87"D x 38" H Asking $500.00 Located in Scottsdale Contact Tanner 480-358-5193 https://www.jenniferfurniture.com/collections/sofa-beds-futons-sleepers/products/arthur-2-piece-sectional-ottoman-set?variant=34595518983
  5. Tannert

    12 AE Mule Deer Oct 27-Nov 5. Who's going?

    thanks i will send you a text. Sounds good! Ill keep a lookout.
  6. Tannert

    12 AE Mule Deer Oct 27-Nov 5. Who's going?

    Rob, Send me a text. Will be with one buddy helping him on his hunt. 480-358-5193 -Tanner
  7. Remington 700 LA Chassis. Brand new. $350.00 Shoot me a text 480-358-5193 - Tanner
  8. Tannert

    Bump fire stock

  9. Tannert

    WTB Slide Fire

    thats a good offer for a lefty!
  10. Tannert

    WTB Slide Fire

    Seen the Lefty ones going for cheaper
  11. Tannert

    WTB Slide Fire

    Just bought 5 of them from a buddy who manufactures them. He says they will be worth $700.00 here shortly. He sells some of his on gun broker and has a few guys click buy it now for $500.00
  12. Tannert

    Wtb hunting quad

    25-06 please send me a text 480-358-5193
  13. Year and a half old upgrading to BTX. All original box and paperwork comes with it. Warranty card still blank. $2000.00 Call or text for more info 480-358-5193 Tanner For some reason my PM box is empty and still does not work so please text or call.
  14. Tannert

    LA Outdoorsman Chassis System

    Do not believe it matters. The guy at the outdoorsman told me the only thing that it will really not fit is an insanely large bull barrel.
  15. having two never hurts...
  16. Tannert

    Topped last year. (Updated with Video)

    Love the bulls deep sticker. Bret's an awesome guy! Congrats on the bull!
  17. Tannert

    LA Outdoorsman Chassis System

    Scottsale. Scottsdale.