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    Ouch.... you gotta be able to take the joke.
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    Thats why its sold out now......
  3. Tannert

    380 Rounds - Norma 6.5 PRC 143gr

    Ill take two boxes
  4. Tannert

    Guns for sale

    Ill take the 10/22
  5. Tannert

    380 Rounds - Norma 6.5 PRC 143gr

    If Jgraffaz wants to sell a few, ill take some.
  6. Tannert

    FS/Trade - Hodgdon H1000

    How do I get my hands on just one pound of this?
  7. Tannert

    WTT 6.5mm berger

    Ive got a brand new box of 130's Ill trade you.
  8. Hey Guys, Thought I would post this to help my business, CWT and you guys. I own a mobile detailing business here in the Valley. We are only about 6 months old but have had awesome feedback. Figured lots of guys coming back from hunts could take advantage of this. We service pretty much all of the valley. I made a discount code for CWT members and its CWT10. I will match that 10% off and donate it to CWT. If you are going to book, make sure to click the yellow "Enter a coupon code" Tab. We do UTV's, Trailers and RV's as well. PM me with any questions! https://waxymobiledetailing.com/
  9. Tannert

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    Of course! As long as the paint of the car isnt too far gone!
  10. Tannert

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    For some reason I was not getting alerted of PM's I will get back to you now!
  11. Tannert

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    Wow! Thank you so much for the message and giving us a shot! Really appreciate that. I have not been on here in almost a week so I apologize to anyone I have not got back to. I will get on that now!
  12. Tannert

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    Nope, need to note that on the website so its not confusing. Sorry about that. We exchange the leather conditioning for seat shampooing!
  13. Tannert

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    We are all over the valley, we have 4 packages for you. You can checkout all of the pricing here. www.waxymobiledetailing.com
  14. Tannert

    Mobile Detailing with CWT Discount

    Andy, Thanks so much for booking! I am going to give you a call in a little bit as it looks like we have a pile of rain coming tomorrow!
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    PM Sent
  16. Tannert

    Scorpion Evo

  17. Tannert

    ISO 28 nosler brass

    Should be able to pm me now. I think inbox was full. I am not sure what its worth. Just took a count (131). See attached picture. Might have a few other boxes I will check and see
  18. Tannert

    ISO 28 nosler brass

    I have once fired hornady brass. I should have around 100 - 140
  19. Tannert

    Brand new Glock 43

    Good deal!
  20. Tannert

    6.5 PRC Ammo fs

    Ill take the 143's but I couldnt get them until Monday. I am leaving town tomorrow.
  21. Tannert

    Swarovski 12x50EL priced to sell

    Really good deal! GLWS
  22. Tannert

    Barrett M82a1 package deal

    What color is it?
  23. Tannert

    In need of 28 nosler

    If you make it down to the Valley I would give you 5 Hornady 162 ELD-X rounds.
  24. Tannert


    Would you just sell them outright?