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    Leupold Mk5 5-25x56 pr-1 moa

    PM Sent.
  2. Tannert

    In search of a ground blind

    Two on camo fire right now. https://www.camofire.com
  3. Tannert

    SOLD-2012 Ram 2500 Cummins

    No trucks are being manufactured right now. They are going well above book and sticker value. My cousin owns a dealership and said its inane right now.
  4. Tannert

    Marlin 925M 22 mag...SOLD

  5. Tannert

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    I would love to help in any way that I can. Please keep us posted.
  6. Tannert

    Hunting guide recommendations

    LOL opening day you will find a handful of guys all at the same 2 glassing spots on the Eastside after they buy that map. Its a huge help to people that don't get time to scout though or know the area though.
  7. Tannert

    WANT TO BUY-Bench Top Mill/Drill

    pm sent
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    Yeah I paid a few days ago and got some free time tomorrow to head down to meet him. Thanks, Carpcody
  9. Tannert


    Just FYI I paid for 5 and 7 picking up tomorrow.
  10. Tannert


    Shot him a message on #1 #4 and #7 if you want to let him know. Thanks.
  11. Tannert

    Garage Cleanout Pt 2

    PM Sent
  12. Took both winches off my trailer today. They both have remotes. Both work like they should. I will toss in a battery tray with each one. I have the metal winch wire for each I just took it off to disassemble. These have maybe been used 20 times each. I have the cables all set up to run both on two batteries if you want. Asking $175.00 per or $300.00 for both. From what I can find online, the price seems very fair. Shoot me a text 480-358-5193
  13. Tannert

    (2) Dayton 5,000 LB DC Winch

    Should have stated, not looking to trade for anything besides guns.
  14. Selling my 2006 Grizzly 660 as I am going to be buying a side by side this year. Bought this ATV from a friend who bought it new. ATV runs very very strong. Always serviced at We Ride Power Sports Scottsdale. Only two things that are wrong... front lights sometimes work and sometimes don't. This just started happening 3 weeks ago. I wiggled the housing and can get the lights to go on so I am assuming its a connection. I have not looked into it as I am normally on the ATV during the day. The choke switch works 100% but the plastic is cracked. I asked We Ride Power Sports Scottsdale to fix it and they talked me out of it because it still fully functions. I am not exactly sure what the ATV is worth but I am seeing lots of older models listed for 4K +. I am asking $3500.00 Located in Scottsdale. Please text or call Tanner 480-358-5193 PRICE DROP $2600.00
  15. They just told him they changed their computer system and they are having issues. Seems like he's getting it figured out.
  16. Got in contact with him. Thanks
  17. I am trying to track down whoever bought my old ATV. I cannot find any old texts or info. For some reason, the title to this ATV was mailed to my house as well as the registration and plates. If you bought this or know who bought this could you please PM me. Thanks.
  18. Tannert

    Remington Baikal spr 453 12g

    Yeah I am more in North Scottsdale. Little over 2 hour drive for me to Tucson otherwise I would just say "Ill take it"
  19. Tannert

    Remington Baikal spr 453 12g

    lol I guess I should say, I would take it if he has any plans on coming to PHX soon.
  20. Tannert

    Remington Baikal spr 453 12g

    I would take it if we could figure out how to meet up. Im in Phoenix area.
  21. Tannert

    Metal cutting and bending services

    https://mcfarlandmachine.com Ask for Craig. They have lots of press breaks, few Omax water jet, Fiber and CO2 lasers.
  22. Tannert

    05 Yamaha Grizzly 660 special edition

    He didn't go over 10MPH often either it looks like! Used to have the same ATV. Loved it.
  23. Tannert

    Winchester Ranger 30-30

    Great deal! Wont last long
  24. Tannert

    AR parts and Saiga 12 parts

    Where in the east Valley are you? I am interested in the Leapers.