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    17' Jumping Jack Trailer/Camper

    Price drop $6900.00
  2. Just wanted to pop on here and share my experience with Eric at AxisWorks. I was in the market for a custom built rifle and wanted a one stop shop to get it all done. After doing my research I decided to go with AxisWorks. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. As many of you know that have built one of these its a long wait for a high end action and stock. Eric had mostly everything in stock (Just had to wait a little for action as they are on huge backorder) and I waited half the time my friends did that have had custom rifles built. From start to finish, Eric kept me in the loop, was a wealth of knowledge and always answered his phone when I called for a question. Eric has state of the art machinery and employs who know what they are doing. If you are in the market for a custom rifle or any gunsmith work I HIGHLY recommend AxisWorks. All around great company who builds an unreal rifle. Here are some pictures....and specs. Rifle as pictured is 7.3 Lbs 28 Nosler Kelbly Action 26" Proof Carbon barrel 1:8 TriggerTech Special Trigger Hawkins Bottom Metal 3 port muscle break McMillan Carbon game hunter stock
  3. Tannert

    AxisWorks.....New Rifle

    LOL I just did an edit on the post with the specs and Lance hit it spot on
  4. Tannert

    17' Jumping Jack Trailer/Camper

    Price Drop $7200.00
  5. Tannert

    17' Jumping Jack Trailer/Camper

    Here is the link to the site. http://www.jumpingjacktrailers.com/6x17-tent-trailer.php
  6. Tannert

    17' Jumping Jack Trailer/Camper

    Yes you can put 4 ATV's or a Side x Side and 2 ATV's. The Trailer has Tandem 3500 Lb. Torsion bar axels. Trailer drives great with weight on top.
  7. Tannert

    Layke Industries AR

    Used to go by Layke Tactical...not sure if they did a name change. They are primarily an Aerospace shop and got into Firearms a little while back. Pretty sure the Son of the owner is taking the company over. If I am not mistaken they were first making their own triggers and trying to be the first to the market with the wood stock and rail. Not a huge company so not many people know of their AR's. I wouldn't know pricing on the rifle but I did sell them their cnc machines and EDM's and they are quality machines that are cutting their parts.
  8. Believe these are both RCX-1's. One comes with a back plate as seen in pictures. I used the back plate one 1 time. Both in perfect condition. $100.00 for both shoot me a text 480-358-5193
  9. Awesome! They are all hers. I work in the airpark area if you want to meet tomorrow. My phone number is at the top of this listing if you want to send me a text to figure out when we can meet.
  10. Alright no more price drops. I would rather give these away to a young hunter. Anyone have a kid that is getting up in the hills and would put these to use?! I am located in Scottsdale but will be driving through Prescott and Chino tomorrow evening.
  11. Ill let you know. I might be going with the VX-6HD
  12. Ill keep you posted. Eric should be finished with my Rifle next week. Ill need something pretty soon!
  13. Lance.....Why are you doing this to me?! I need this!!
  14. Tannert

    Garmin Xero A1i Right Hand - Like New $550

    wow that is cheap!!
  15. Tannert

    Hunting items FS

    AZBIG10 for some reason my PM does not work. Can you shoot me a text? 480-358-5193
  16. Tannert

    Hunting items FS

    Ill take the wise guy release