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  1. 1 hour ago, GSPjimmy said:

    Hey all, 

    Might be a long shot because of how ridiculous the Be the Decoy hats are, but I am looking for the Antelope buck version if someone had one they were looking to get rid of or even let me borrow this season? They are discontinued and I can not find them anywhere online. I did have one and let my buddy borrow it on his hunt a few years ago and he lost it. Suprisingly enough I used it on my last archery tag back in 2018 and it worked for me so I was wanting to give it another go this year. Thanks for looking. 

    You got an archery tag on 8 points? You have some luck! 

  2. Figured I would post this here since there are some guys that hunt off horseback here. 

    Selling my 8 year old AQHA Gelding Chico. 15.1 Hands. Hes been ranched off of extensively. Hes ran barrels but not finished on them. Been hauled all over. Very in your pocket. Walks right up to you when catching. He will go over anything and up any mountain with ease. Hes UTD on shots and teeth. He wants to please his rider. Rides out great just wants to be in the front. $9000.00






  3. On 6/16/2023 at 4:03 PM, firstcoueswas80 said:

    Probably not quite 400, but 300+ is absolutely possible.

    I'm running the 180 Hybrod at 3200, and on the 3rd round with the brass. Zero issues.

    Mine 28 is shooting a 162's at 3330. Its a tack driver but assuming the proof wont last past 400 rounds.