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    So has anyone called to see what's going on?

    Well I guess there was a few Larger women trying to buy all the soap lotion than cut in line and shoot hit the fan. No reason to call its on video..... oh your talking about something else meaningless
  2. Delw

    Browning Gold Safe - SOLD

    if you click on the org pic hold the mouse over it and it will show a + sign that means it can be opened larger. click it again and it goes full size.
  3. Delw

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    I understood that, Im just the opposite for the reason I said above. Its my 2nd Favorite time of the year when tags are put in for and drawn. My favorite time is from the draw to the hunt starts with all the escouters.
  4. Delw

    Browning Gold Safe - SOLD

    here ya go
  5. Delw

    Outdoor Writer

    for him being an old sick man he did have a big hard-on for you
  6. Delw

    18,000 new elk apps

    Well see thats where your wrong. its wasnt Taken out the window of a pick-up truck with a 22lr at night.. I dont think the deer would have fit through the window of a pick-up truck.
  7. I had a Canjar (sp) on my old 40xb in 300 winmag it was set for 4oz. when I was younger it wasnt bad as I grew older I started not liking it. Sugar effected my shooting as well as hiking up a mountain in the hot sun. now all my triggers are factory I like that little creep if you will. I can feel the creep cause I know exactly when its going off. it helps when your shooting higher power scopes and can see your heartbeat pattern in the scope you know how to touch the trigger at the right time.
  8. Delw

    Outdoor Writer

    Maybe he went to dig up his old Lit professor and have a one on one conversation with her, or he could be writing a non fiction book on Crappie trolling with Thrphyhntr ;)
  9. are shotgun powders hard to get like 700x, Thats the only one I ever used. I am guessing brunos may carry it?
  10. Delw

    54 miles

    old sheds need love too thats pretty cool trphyhntr
  11. Delw

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Not me I love it, shows the true personalities of impatient people LOL, all these wheres my tag post rack up to more than someone poaching a deer under the powerlines
  12. heres some links https://www.hogislandgunparts.com/Remington-552-Speedmaster-Receiver-Bottom-Cover-Pl-p/rn173-55.htm https://www.schludershots.com/gun-parts-by-model/remington-gun-parts/remington-mod-552-parts/remington-552-receiver-cover.html#.YD8YRm9lCUk also watch ebay. worth a phone call tot he above shops they might have one or know where to get one. If you go into yahoo search type in Receiver Cover - Remington Speedmaster 552 it will show some pics and you can click on teh pages too who had them ebay seems to show them often but currently none.
  13. Delw

    6.5 PRC chassis options

    Definitely well worth it, thats pretty cheap for what your getting.
  14. Apache7mm Thanks for posting this, I might even try to make it, if I can get out this weekend
  15. Delw

    18,000 new elk apps

    very true I understand what your saying Close 1st deer I ever shot was at night out the window of a pick-up truck with a open sighted 22
  16. Delw

    18,000 new elk apps

    I dont think it went up that much. alot of guys still suck at shooting always have always will. wont make a difference of what you give them there not going to hit crap especially long shots away from the bench and level ground of the range.
  17. Delw

    18,000 new elk apps

    Like trphyhntr I dont have a problem finding mature mule deer in any of the units I have hunted since the early 80's. I actually have seen more deer (numbers wise) in some units that I have hunted over the last 5-10 years than I did 20+ years ago. It could be I just know the spots where to find deer but I hunt the same areas I hunted back then also. coues deer south of globe I dont hunt that much anymore like I used too so I can speculate on that. but north of phoenix the coues deer population has grown at least what I am seeing. even seen some in 20c a few times right off yarnell hill road.
  18. Delw

    Alamo Lake

    Nice. this time of the year I like to dead stick spinner baits. Yes it works very well Ask Mr. Bass I might have done it with Larry out there as well. Larry and I tore them up one year in early march on Jigs. that was a fun trip Edit: should have clarified, deadstick a blade means fish it like a jig, They will hit that faster then a jig sitting on the bottom
  19. Delw

    18,000 new elk apps

    Russians did it and its Trumps Fault
  20. Delw

    shotgun powder

    Thanks thats good to know, I got some ramshot competion powder, going to give it a try
  21. Delw

    6.5 PRC chassis options

    Cadex is a pretty solid company, if I recall back in 2010 or 2009 remington had cadex make there chassies for remingtons military rifle div. then about 2 years later Cadex split with remington. Cadex sued them over the long solid one piece top rail. I forget all the details. Remington and cadex basically started the whole tacticool chassie system fad. Chassies were made before that and used in the target shooter industry just not the tacticool ones. you definately wont be disappointed with Cadex. out of curios what are they running now.? In 2011 when they started selling to these public on a limited basis they were as high as 7k
  22. Delw

    18,000 new elk apps

    there using dominion software as well ;)
  23. Very Nice productive last 3 weekends
  24. Delw

    Online sat. map

    Figured i'd throw this up there as had a few people ask, then was showing my daughter it tonight and and was like that map is good our little base hunt club uses it. , Shes been using it in Ca to show her friends where she hunts and hikes. https://satellites.pro/Arizona_region_map