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    Crazy observation about this site

    Cause there in the Kitchen where they belong
  2. Delw

    Save the Hueys and well Cobras too

    Cool, I'm trying to get there to check it out in the next few months, Shes pretty sure she can get permission to bring me there.I love military aircraft mainly helos. I grew up with them as a kid,lived right off the runways on some bases in japan
  3. Delw

    The worlds on fire and I got bored

    cool pics
  4. Delw

    No longer for Sale

    Its a Tucson thang ;)
  5. Thanks for the info on the barrel Thats intesting on the lee crimp die. I heard good stuff on those for pistol ammo bought one for my 45 but havent used it yet. Havent crimped a rifle round in forever cause they just gave bad accuracy. now you have me thinking about using the lee crimps. Granted the were old school crimps back then even thought the brass was al uniformed and to the same size neck and oal. I dont even crimp them on the m1a1 ammo or the ar-15 ammo but now you got my curiosity. Thanks.
  6. What barrel and twist are you using? I am building a 280ai, got the action and bolt all trued up. now its time for a barrel and I havent decided on which one yet.
  7. Delw

    Brass quality question

    I been loading the same brass in 22-250-300 win mag and a ton of stuff in the middle since the early 80's. Safely say my 300 winmag brass has been shot more than 10 times. the 243 22-250 and 220swft brass easy over 10 times. when I go through a batch I maybe throw away 5-10 cases of each cal thats it. all the small stuff 22-250-243 I have 2-3k rounds of each. the 300 winmag 800-1k rounds never anneled only trimmed and fl resized. but the 223 brass which I have 5k rounds of brass for doesnt last very long, probably because most it is new stuff. the PMC stuff lasts for ever and the older brass does, but the newer last 10 years brass of the .223 doesnt last more than 5 reloads I think because its out of ar's, lots of stretching. my 308 Springfield Amory M1A1 same deal 5-6 loads but the bolt guns last forever on older brass
  8. Delw

    30-30 Accelerators

    Yeah they were alot of fun, shot them in the 30-30 tc quite often. shot them in my 308 browning lever gun too. that 30-30 with those tc would destroy a jack just like a 220 swift would.
  9. the only time I'm a " Minimalist" is when I goto a hotel and thats the way I like it ;)
  10. Delw

    When do desert mule deer shed?

    Nice finds, shed hunting is a blast. However in the AZ WE KILL animals not HARVEST them, we save the Harvesting for liberals and Farmers
  11. Delw


    LMAO never saw that one before
  12. Delw


    (_*_) fixed it for ya
  13. Delw

    Bullets, gas, wood,........MEAT?

    Its amazing that those cows cant grow meat with out the internet.
  14. Delw

    Applying for a New Unit?

    No not saying stop them now its too freaking late, I'm saying if you want a TRUELY Fair system you dont have them.and they should have never been started in the 1st place, let alone adding for this and that over the years as well as point guard.
  15. Delw

    Fly fishing

    I have, only place I ever fished for them purposly. canyon and pleasant. I used cigarette butts and foam ear plugs. they will eat anything thrown on the water that floats and reassembles popcorn. There trash fish and just nasty , not to mentio your buddies will give you crap but they fight better than any other fish I have caught including on rod and reel. I didnt fly fish that much here in AZ maybe 3-5 times a year
  16. Delw

    Fly fishing

    grew up fly fishing in japan. browns and bows some salmon and lots of saltwater, then in the states every trout species except for the silver, gila apaches. I think Grayling trout and seas run cuts were my favorite. smallies on the yakima river, here I did some LM. but carp fly fishing is an absolute blast. wasnt to keen on fly fishing here in AZ after being in Japan and all the other states. I still need to catch a tarpoon on a flyrod and a northern bigger then a hammer handle on a flyrod. caught plenty of decent northerns here just nothing decent on a fly rod yet.
  17. Delw

    A dream day on the lake

    Awsum smallies
  18. Delw

    Trying to find this ruin..

    those areial views make it look much more pronounced, ground views most of the time you will walk right by them just thinking they are a pile of rocks. was down in unit 32 one year saw some weird rock formations over by that Hat rock or what every they call it. walking up to the top of a cliff doing some lion calling and locked down and it was like WOW so thats what those are. pretty cool.
  19. Delw

    Applying for a New Unit?

    min point system would do nothing in 2-3 years as everyone would be caught up then its the same old game. I dont understand why people want to keep adding bonus point deals to the draw it makes no sense. Not to mention if people have to wait xx amount of years for a tag why waste it on a crap tag put in for the best units. then your going to need 30-50 points just to draw a decent rim deer tag LOL Personally I think they should not give out any bonus points that is TRULY a FAIR system that way, Everyone has an equal chance. tons of people get drawn with little to no points every year. As far as where to put in due to low tags. as always I put in for where I want if I get drawn great if not oh well no biggy. if OTC goes all draw would suck but it may happen 3-5 maybe 20 years from now who knows. 20 years ago everyone was saying the same thing its going to goto all draw. hasnt yet.
  20. Delw

    Gun show

    So how was it? I am guessing I should have checked it out. kids and I drove past it on our way to do some shooting and they wanted to go on way back as did I. we all got too hot and was beat around 1:30 on the way back this afternoon, they didnt even wanna stop. the wickenburg gun shows and the one in williams used to have some nice old guns at decent prices, lots of lever guns,older hunting rifles and shotguns. some handguns mainly wheelguns. and of coarse old wall hangers which were cool.
  21. Delw


    if there not, and you really need them, I should have a few sets ,should be all new or close to new that are NOT carbide. I'll have to look. but carbide are the only way to go.
  22. yeah post what you got for sale cause when hes done I might be inerested sloppy seconds
  23. Delw

    Spur fire in Bagdad

    Bagdad is getting hit hard, That fire moved fast, its only like 3 hours old and already burned homes in bagdad. Spur fire in bagdad