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    Any bets? Fill in the blank!

    These 2 probably voted for Trump they are being prepared, just like people buying guns and ammo. I have no problem with people doing this. better to be prepared. This is an old pic, but to the credit of the women, the meme above says the federal government warns Americans not to. she not american
  2. Delw

    Sept Archery: 1st half or 2nd half?

    I hunted 3 early archery bull tags in a row, and 2 before that helping a friend out. so 5 years in a row for the full seasons except the 4th time it was just 3 4day trips. we called in bulls everyday from early to late. the only difference was they get more vocal the last part of the season, so if your just listening for sound then yeah the last season might be best for you, but if you want to hunt and call bulls then the early season is just as good as later. Just remember one thing if you can hear them so can the rest of the hunters.
  3. Delw

    so you think your rich

    this guy is
  4. Delw

    Cable stop alignment

    Ross outdoors used to be the go to bowtech place in the valley. there downtown phx somewhere
  5. Delw

    Roosevelt report

    Nice fish mark. but those browns at hawley are awsum. I sure do miss fishing for Gay Bass
  6. Delw


    good gun at a fantastic price,
  7. Delw

    50 Cal Explodes in Face

    That video was wild, he was shooting old military ammo they think that was modify as no one knows. Serbu is a cool dude, Ive talked to him many times he is an amazing firearms manufacturer and a very smart engineer
  8. Delw

    Bison reduction project

    There going to have a few hunts and also more after the 1st batch
  9. Delw


    I think your price was pretty good the 1st time, I was tempted but need another shotgun like a hole in my head. it might not sell fast due to the 30" barrel and fixed full choke. (basically its a duck and goose gun) but in 2-3/4" inch only
  10. Delw

    Bison reduction project

    you probably have 50% that wont be able to pass the shooting test, and another 20-30% that wont pass background test
  11. Delw

    Bison reduction project

    I know that but the news media doesnt. dude lighten up it was just a funny
  12. Delw

    Bison reduction project

    If I recall the feds moved some at one time about 8 years ago?. the lethal one I cant honestly say Ive heard rumors but there just rumors. back in the 50-60s they were being shot I read that in a po ackley book, he used a 17 Remington. it dropped them dead in there tracks instantly.( I believe this was PO ackely I read it in. I havent read a book in 20 years. I do have his books I would be more excited about the burro one than the buffalo one
  13. Delw

    Bison reduction project

    You bet, next on my list is burros, homeless horses and some wolves. ya gott start somewhere, been doing yotes for 45+ years time to get into something bigger
  14. Delw

    Bison reduction project

    In for the KILL Hope like heck its going to be Wack M & Stack M time. I think I am going to stand by G&F with a sign that says PICK ME PICK ME
  15. only if IT starts cutting at the neck
  16. Delw

    Help with a clutch?

    oh if your jeeps lifted its easier than a stock height jeep as your arms have more support. since your going to have it out for a clutch. I personally would tear into the trasmission and transfer case and make sure everything is perfect replace all seals as well. the kits are pretty cheap for parts. if you dont want to tackle the trasmission and transfercase there is a guy on the west side that will do it for you extreamly reasonable and he knows his shoot. he probably does 10-20 a month manual trannys and transfer cases. generally has all parts at his house including hard to find expensive parts that are good but used.
  17. Delw

    Help with a clutch?

    I did a few on a few jeeps,, the latest one was my daughters 97 TJ.. both I did by myself alone in the shop at night. its fairly simple you do need 2 decent floor jacks and a jack stand to support engine. 2 ways to do it, keep it bolted to the skid plate and unbbolt everything else tranny and transfer case all in one. or take off skid plate then transfercase then tranny. the best way however is pull the front clip off and grab a cherry picker and pull everything at once. faster and easier but takes longer. sorry I'm on the west side
  18. The "DUDE" is a Circus Freak. Don't care what side "ITS" on. "IT" isn't relevant
  19. Delw

    How far would you pack out an elk

    happend to find the pics by accident this mornin
  20. Delw

    Not a bad couple hours

    Nice finds.
  21. Delw

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Wow sorry to hear about that.
  22. Delw

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Creed oh wow, thats pretty cool actually. hope it works for you keep us informed I may ask my doc about that procedure. I know the one my BIL had where they stop the heart then electrocute you to restart the heart doesnt work ate least not for him.
  23. Delw

    .338 lapua what happened?

    your probably right
  24. Delw

    No Mano y No Mano

    oh yeah wanna see some cool stuff, get a bowl put some gold fish in it, they snake will grab them out and eat them. its pretty cool
  25. Delw

    No Mano y No Mano

    I hate snakes but can tolorate king snakes. was out dove hunting one year and our oldest daughter was a round 6, she came running back to where the adults were sitting with the adults kids yelling for the dads to catch the snake. Well I guess I wasnt the only ps'y. they all said no they hated snakes too. but not to be out done My daughter goes well my dad aint affraid of no snake he will get it. of coarse the other adults sheered her one. so I followed the kids. sure as crap there was a black and white snake slowly going in the hole. it ha about 10 " inchs of tail sticking out. so with the kids cheering and the adults drinking and busting my balls I started pulling. this snake was not only strong it wasnt a little snake maybe 3 feet long.. anyhow doves stopped flying time to go home. kids like snakes in the truck somewhere. I am like WTF. she finds it under the seat grabs it and says shes taking it home. Ok after all it was pretty cool. get home its was like a kitten to that kid. she carried it everywhere yes even to school. it would sleep on her bed sit with her while she was eating doing school work or watch tv. never bite anyone but would hiss at me. thing was great when friends came over they would be sitting on the couch and it would slither up on there lap and freak them out. Everyone aways had a good laugh. so after a year Mom came to visit. she got off plane late at night and said hi and went to bed. In the kinda early morning we awoke to a blood curdling scream. it was my mom. ran into her bedroon to see what happened. she was terrified and shaking, daughter couldnt understand. seems mom was sleeping and the kid got up early and said grandma wanna see my pet snake. so mom said yeah half asleep kids layed it on her chest. she thought it was a toy grabed it to look and it moved. after 3 years of it we gave it to a buddy, it disappeared in his house and he didnt find it for almost a year friend of his was sitting on his couch and the snake came up out of the cushions and sat on his lap. he had it for about 4-5 years till they moved. said the thing would go out the doggy door and come back in when every it wanted to.