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  1. Remember the Rage with the .338 Lapua . what happened? you dont see them talked about anymore. was it the Recoil that got to the bitch biscuit crowed? Ive shot them with and with out a brake with out is a tad warm and with is loud as heck just as any rifle with a brake. I brought this up after seeing the 2 for sale today in the for sale section, I had forgot all about them. but am curious as to why they quietly went away.
  2. Delw

    Miss me Bitches

    what a very long 4th of july holiday weekend., was at a luxury establishments. was so exciting did even see if I had gone drawn yet and for what unit. Glad to me back home ;)
  3. Delw

    Reamer Rental ?

    i een out since thursday a try practical machiest.com
  4. Delw

    Lion with Youngling

    once again awsum vids, thanks
  5. Delw

    WTB 20GA Double Gun

    is this a 2 barrel set? or 2 complete guns. if a 2 barrel set mind putting up a price and pics?
  6. Delw

    Draw Results Posted?

    results typically get posted 1-2 weeks after cc hits if I remember correctly. man some of you clowns really put the DRAMA in DRAMA ;)
  7. Delw

    Best Salmon Fishing in the Lower 48 (or Vancouver)?

    We used to fish gig harbor this time of the year for sea run cutthroats and kings/ silver. granted that was years ago. Gig harbor is by the narrows bridge grays harbor is pretty good as well and generally not as many people. the more north you go the better. Then about an hour or so north of the Columbia river theres a town along the coast that had fantastic ocean salmon fishing. cant remember the name of it.
  8. Delw

    4th Food! Whatchagot?

    Heck with you guys and your food. I think I got food poisoning friday, cause I went home just tired at 2 or 3pm and been in bed since sicker than a dog. 1st weekend I decided to take off and I spend it in the shitter. Happy 4th
  9. Delw

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    And some of you guys wanna go with electronic tags hahahahahahahahaha https://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/102109-electronic-tags/
  10. Delw

    Hits Started

  11. Delw

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    I wouldnt say " incompetency within AZGFD. " I would say its incompetency with IT Techs and software engineers.
  12. Delw

    Reamer Rental ?

    https://pacifictoolandgauge.com/ looks like they dont rent them and are in oregon. for some reason I thought There was a place in washington with a close to name. I may still have a worn out 300 winmag one in my box, ill look this weekend to get a name.
  13. Delw

    Reamer Rental ?

    Ive rented them from pacific reamer (think thats the name) up in Washington but that was 20+ years ago. Last I heard there still doing it. Anymore I'm just buying them outright.
  14. Delw

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    same mentality of the people who need to be reminded about credit card updates
  15. Delw

    Hits Started

    That would be a fun deer tag. good luck
  16. I read this figured I would give you all a heads up.
  17. Not 100% sure, I didnt look it up. a buddy posted it when he was out this am.
  18. Delw

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    so you guys took ALL the RAM tags, congrats
  19. Delw

    Hits Started

    I got me a deer tag, really hoping for that almost month long dec unit 8 tag that they only gave 10 out on.
  20. LOL, I got one with a jeep yesterday coming home from work, the funny part I just pulled out the driveway of the shop and was still in 1st gear. he hit the grill and feathers everywhere. one of the slowest suicides ever.
  21. Delw

    Free Above Ground Pool

    something tells me your "Family and dear friends" is that white slimy stuff all over your keyboard
  22. Delw

    Where am I?

    has to be one of the 112 lakes in orange county NY https://www.fishingworks.com/new-york/orange-ny/lake/ but could also be on the hudson river
  23. Delw

    Sunrise 3d

    I thought they shut all that down due to fire danger.
  24. Delw

    2021 draw

    No dude not yet, there going door to door to speak to everyone in person about it 1st., when they get finished they will send a reminder through post office and email as well as amazon and courier, then it will move to TV and radio stations, After thats all finished and people had ample time to update there cards. they will do the draw. should be late aug
  25. Delw

    6 pack charters

    Pretty darn close, I havent picked up a fishing pole since nov 2012. Kurts been trying to get me fishing again this summer. Might start the night tournys here soon, He did take 2 of my chronarchs to get spooled up 2 weeks ago. so its getting closer