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  1. Hitman25


    Trade straight across for a mint hi point c9?
  2. Hitman25

    Wtb 270wsm brass

    Long shot but let me know. Thanks
  3. Hitman25

    Looking for powders

    Just getting into reloading and looking for some IMR4350 and H4831
  4. Hitman25

    WTB 270wsm ammo

    I ordered a couple of those last night. Thats all ive found. Just wondering if anyone is looking to unload some
  5. Hitman25

    WTB 270wsm ammo

    Let me know what you got
  6. Hitman25

    Unit 21 help

    My wife drew a 21 muley tag. We've scouted a ton since results came out but with all the hunters in the area, all our hot spots have gone dry. We've been in the northern part of the unit from bloody basin up to 169 with little luck. Any help is much appreciated