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  1. jfowler99


    no longer for sale please delete
  2. jfowler99


    For sale: Savage axis 30-06 bolt action. has new athlon neos 4-12x40 bdc illuminated retical scope mounted on full length mounts. also has an upgraded trigger. has a rifle basix trigger. bought brand new only fired about 6o rounds through. asking $425 pm me or shoot me a text. 480-295-2379. John
  3. jfowler99

    Athlons on sale

    I have a lower end athlon scope as I cant afford higher end ones. i have the neos 4-12x40 bdc with illuminated reticle. its a great scope and crystal clear. I could only imagine how nice a high ender would be.
  4. jfowler99

    Antler Handle Knife

    As long as the antler is dry it will be fine. you only need the proper apoxy and use pins for even more strength. This is a knife my father made in the 80's. its still looks the same today.
  5. jfowler99

    Draw progress

    OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonus point!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. jfowler99

    Rare Russian Hunting Pups for Sale

    great looking pups. i just found my next dog when im ready for another one. great all around dog for the do it all hunter that wants a great friend and companion to go on all hunts with. a jack of all trades and a master or none. fits my style perfectly.
  7. jfowler99

    Show Low area shed buyer in trouble

    agreed. if no names are given theres no reason for more info to not be given, unless there is no info to give which is what seems much more likely.
  8. jfowler99

    Draw progress

    well said. I couldnt agree more
  9. jfowler99

    Draw progress

    with no matter what way it is done, someone will always feel itnis unfair tina certain group. Im glad that they to try their best ti accomadte everyone jn some way shape and form. I think its fairly fair with the 20% first round pics going to points and the rest chance. it give more people chances. And the people who only want the early hunts have that choice to wait for that trophy. and some that may try for a early and late do have that opportunity. as far as rejected cards, we all know when they have to be updated and have that chance. and those that dont want to take the chance can pay early if they like. we all just have to play the rules that works best for our own unique situation. Im happy that they actually try to accomadate all. Many things dont try very hard with that. just my 2 cents
  10. jfowler99

    summer fishing and camping

    very good question Jake i never thought if that
  11. jfowler99

    Selling fur

    great thanks. im going to check that out.
  12. jfowler99

    summer fishing and camping

    all sounds great thanks. cant wait to start checking some out!
  13. jfowler99

    Selling fur

    ive never been coyote humting before but plan on it. do you send the fur out ti be treated for selling them ir is there something you do for them at home?
  14. jfowler99

    summer fishing and camping

    hey all. im looking for an area to camp and fish right on the water over the summer. looking to keep cool and relax. maybe just sitting by a river i can camp by and drown some worms. or a lake looking to get away from the phx heat and into the woods. thanks all!
  15. jfowler99

    A coues whitetail

    Thanks guys. been great help. im going to be putting in for deer this year for the first time. it will be a blast.