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    First Coues hunt

    My brother and I just returned from Az from our first Coues hunt! Although the travel was treacherous and long, the hunt was amazing!! Lots of deer and we found two bucks we are very happy with for our first of what I hope will be many! thanks to many of you on this site for your tips and advice! (Not sure why the one photo is sideways?)
  2. My 20 year old son and I would like to hunt Coues deer in 2019. We have a combined 12 points between us (pre 2018 draws). We have never hunted Az for any species. We have successfully hunted elk, mule deer, and antelope throughout the west with bow and rifle. We are from Utah and would like to hunt with our rifles the first time and then follow up later with bow hunts after we get our feet wet hunting them. My questions for you are: 1- with the multiple season dates, is it worth building and or using our points on a coues hunt? What I mean is, Can we experience a great hunt with lower to no points and use our points elsewhere? 2- what would be the top 3 units to hunt with 7 points? Which season dates would you recommend? Our goals would be a mature buck. Score is not that important to us. Ability to find animals (deer densities) would be high on our list of importance. 3- are the late hunts worth the time it takes to draw them? If so, what would you recommend as the top 3 late hunt units? 4- are there any good coues season dates that would also allow us to hunt javelina with a realistic chance to harvest both at the same time? I have more questions, and answers will spawn follow ups. Private messages would be welcomed as an alternative to responding to this post. Thanks for any and all help on this. If I can help with hunts in Utah I would be happy to return the favor. Chad
  3. Silentstalker

    2019 Coues Hunt suggestions

    Hopefully last Az rookie draw question. Last year we purchased our license and applied on the last day of the draw. It expires this year on the 13th. So, I am assuming that license is valid for the elk draw but I will need to purchase new licenses before the deer draw in June. Is that correct?
  4. Silentstalker

    2019 Coues Hunt suggestions

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions and feedback. Unfortunately this year is not an option... The feedback here and by PM/Phone has been extremely helpful and I really appreciate it! I have a quick bonus points question. If we draw we keep our hunter Ed point and Loyalty point (so long as we have them) for a total of two the following year after we draw. If we miss a year applying we lose the loyalty point. My question is, At what point would we lose all of our points by not applying? Is there a 3, 5, 10 year limit where if you suspend applying that you would lose all of your points?