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  1. the breeze

    Salt Blocks

    hey bret you can bait on the wmar
  2. the breeze

    photo contest

    hey guys and gals I am in a photo contest with my archery Coues Deer. The contest is sponsered by SWFA Optics to promote their site.I bought the Scopes/ Binos from SWFA and the tripod from Amanda here at this site.There are a ton of great prizes. Please vote for me if you get a chance. go to: www.swfa.com you will see the photo contest and then go to the finalist and vote for Tom Argyros. thx in advance!
  3. the breeze

    photo contest

    check out the home page of this site on the left hand side. click on the icon for books i believe. scroll down to the tripods and click on that icon and you will be there
  4. the breeze

    photo contest

    with binos like that the tripod is the key. i had a slik and after one week i threw in the towel and got a velbon from amanda with a jim white head and it made a huge difference
  5. the breeze

    o.t. lions

    any lion sighting in southern az. (i can't run hounds on the rez but) i ran a cat with dogs a buddy glassed up over the wknd. didn't catch him but we found his last previous meal. a 100" plus coues . i live in tubac and i have 3 hounds. shoot me an email and i will forward my ph. # tom argyros targyros@diazteca.com
  6. the breeze

    december hunters

    internet suspense!lol