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    GoldenDoodle pups- One Pup left!

    pm sent
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    unit 11M archery draw tag

    Checking in on the thread. I drew this tag. Anyone in Flag that feels like hunting next wknd or the following wknd let me know. I’m hunting solo otherwise. Thanks Tom
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    Maggiolina tent and ladder on cargo trailer

    Ttt still available
  5. $600.00 obo for sale Kodabow Express. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. I bought this bow and I never really shot it except for to sight it in My loss is your gain i have a Bow mounted rangefinder mounted on the hawkebrand scope $100 value comes with rangefinder hawke scope 8 arrows/bolts with Field tips and extra string the cocking string and also The original information from when I bought the bow here’s the description of the bow from the website; KODA-EXPRESS ER ILLUMINATED SCOPE $999.99 Draw Weight : 185 lb Velocity : 305f/sec Width : 27.5" cocked, 34" uncocked Weight : 8.3 lb Length : 30" Top Seller! A Popular Choice! Candidly, this is the bow that many hunters should purchase. It is very manageable to cock and shoot. (In terms of speed, we remember killing a 500 lb waterbuck in Africa at 32 yards with a bow that shot the same weight arrow 20% slower than the Koda-Express ...... and every year, hunters kill huge bears with this model.) The Koda-Express hunting crossbow in 185 lb draw weight is an exceptional choice with an attractive combination of speed, weight and ease of use.Easier to cock than heavier weight bows but still delivering plenty of energy down range. Includes an illuminated 3x32 scope with 6 aiming points. Red/Green glass etched reticles provide hollow circles with a 2" kill zone at the corresponding distance and rheostat adjustment to 5 brightness settings. When illumination is turned off, standard black reticles are visible. Along with the Bravo Zulu, this is the bow we most often choose for the whitetail woods. The Koda-Express when matched with our Magnum .338 arrows with 100 grain heads will tend to shoot the scope crosshairs out to 50 yards. when the 20 yard aim point is sighted in 3/4" high. The result will be right on target at the 30, 40 and 50 yard increments. The Koda-Express is powerful enough for all North American game and has shown the ability to deliver 100% pass through penetration on large game animals. The 185 lb Koda-Express is a great choice especially for hunters in the age 50 to 80 age group and is one of our most popular crossbows. If the Koda-Express was visualized as a rifle cartridge, it would be a .308 Winchester. Plenty of power. If you want a crossbow with plenty of speed but still is easy to cock, this is the choice. Key benefits include good ballistic profiles, bright optical image and fast arrow speeds. Quiet and dependable. Modular core platform provides additional accessory mounting positions. Limb color for 2018 is Brown Digital which is perfect for Fall hunting conditions around the country. Bow ships with a 7 position adjustable vertical grip, * 14" power stroke * 312fps @ 350 gr arrow * 76 - 82 ft -lb of KE * Automatic Safety and Anti-Dry Fire System Patented Kodabow trigger system (CFT), Solid Rail Technology (SRT) with hardcoated finish, Dual Limbs with Dynamic Flex Energy Storage (DFES), Machined Riser and adjustable military style stock. Weaver style rails. Includes rope cocking aid and destringing aid. Buttstock, Foregrip and Pistol Grip will be a matching brown color. We use a soft ERGO pistol grip that has been very well received on this model
  6. Mathews no cam htr 28” draw with Mathews quiver and rip cord rest pm for more info $350.00
  7. Tucson shoot me a pm
  8. ttt price drop to $700.00