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  1. rj112275

    Custom 6.5 prc $2,700 obo

    Is the GW action a true short action, or medium action? AICS mags? Thanks
  2. rj112275

    Swarovski HD SLC NIB 10x42

    Price please.
  3. rj112275

    WTB Zeiss scope

    V6 5-30x50 with zMOA reticle. I’m about to trade up to S&B. Looking for $1400 shipped.
  4. rj112275


    Any interest in a Zeiss V6 5-30x50?
  5. rj112275

    WTB Swarovski 12x50 EL

    Guy over at long range hunting forum has a pair up for sale. He’s looking for a pair of 10x50
  6. rj112275

    Swaro 8x56 10x56

    Can you expand on the awesomeness of the 56s? I have the 8x42 SLC and the 8x56 intrigues me. Is the primary benefit, the early and late evening light gathering? FOV any better?
  7. rj112275

    15 X 56 Swarovski

    pm sent.
  8. rj112275

    WTB 22 LR subsonic

    Ive had very good success with Gemtech. http://www.gem-tech.com/store/pc/SUBSONIC-22LR-AMMUNITION-p470.htm They are manufactured by CCI
  9. rj112275


    See PM
  10. What year model? First 2 digits of seial number? Thanks
  11. rj112275

    Browning 6.5 creedmoor

    Is he muzzle break removeable? I ask because I'd love to have this rifle and use it with my suppressor. I have the threaded a-bolt Hunter in 308 and it's a good rifle. I wouldn't mind the 6.5 if the barrel is threaded. Thanks
  12. rj112275

    How are you caring for your optics?

    Just another note... for the rubber/plastic parts of my optics, I've found that Praveni has a great cleaner/restoring product and some lint free wipes that work well. Does a great job of making the eyecups and rubber armor look like new. Amazon sells it for keeping stethoscopes from drying out and cracking. Works great on spotting scopes and binoculars.
  13. rj112275

    WTS LNIB Swaro 12x50 SV $2100 shipped

    Trade found. Thanks.
  14. rj112275

    WTS LNIB Swaro 12x50 SV $2100 shipped

    I'm near Memphis, Tennessee.
  15. I found a trade. Thanks.