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  1. cheeks014

    Vortex Viper 15x50's HD

    Selling one Fall season used Vortex Viper 15x50's HD. $525 obo. Just received back from Vortex for cleanup!
  2. Selling one season used Viper 15x50's HD binos. Asking $525 obo - email or pm. Thank you for looking.
  3. cheeks014

    Kuiu Verde and Vias

    Oh, so you're taking tenure into consideration as well? So, non-members, tenure, emails don't count. "I'll take it" trumps all right? Lastly, what are you 12 years old you need someone to step in? It's called communication, which is where you failed here. I was simply pointing to facts of the post, I sense that you are getting upset. In the future I hope you post stipulations along with your item(s) to sell.
  4. cheeks014

    Kuiu Verde and Vias

    Well, how you go about selecting who you sell to is your business. However, if a guy emailed you before people responded on the post then the problem is there is no clear direction as to what selection method you will use. It is confusing is all. I don't have a problem with you giving your stuff to whomever you want but maybe clarifying that you'll look at posts for dibs first then emails. Sets the expectations to all interested in your items.
  5. cheeks014

    Kuiu Verde and Vias

    You had an email from another guy 10 minutes before azhuntnut