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    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Last October a buddy living in New river went out to feed the chickens and goats while raining after dark and got hit by a rattler in the top of his foot. Barely broke skin took 4 vials of anti venom and day in the hospital. I don't take chances with them.
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    I'll take the 22-250. Shoot you a text In the morning.
  3. Riflehunter

    How much you gotta spend?

    I bought a fox pro fusion for $500 2 months before they dropped the pricing to $400 but I've been very happy with it. The only thing I hate is pulling a battery out of the remote every time I carry it in my pack so it doesn't turn on.
  4. Riflehunter

    Azgfd closed roads into my elk honey hole

    My dad and I have hunted 5b alot. I'm not against the road closures and game retrieval laws up there. For the last 4-5 years they have had forest service and volunteers monitoring for off road travel.
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    Wtb 9 mm pistol S&W shield SIG or Glock 43 or XDS

    If you buy a new XDS right now they have a promotion for 3 free mags through Springfield
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    Thanks again Steve. I set it up tonight, it is all you said it was. Thank you and good luck on the bull tag
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    Hitch recommnedations

    Curt version of B&W turnover ball gooseneck with their adapter plate and 16k 5th wheel hitch head on sliding rails. When the hitch is out no rails in the floor of the bed
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    unit 9 Flatline map

    Pm sent
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    They are getting trickier

    Good heads up. I'll be down there in a couple weeks.
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    Text sent.
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    Berger bullets on Coues...

    I have been loading 168gr vld hunting in 7mm rem mag and 30-06 for the last 4 years with awesome results. 2 cows with the 7mm dropped right there and 2 cows and a bull with the 30-06 dropped right there and 1 cow that took a 2nd shot. All but 1 round dumped energy inside and never made it past the hide on the opposite side. The round that made a pass through went between ribs through the lungs and between ribs coming out and she dropped right there. All these shots ranged between 52yds and 323yds.
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    Pm sent also.