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    Hornady 11th data?

    Thank you sir. I appreciate it
  2. I'm getting ready to do some load development for my wife's 243 win. I'm hoping to shoot the hornady 90gr eld-x. If someone has this manual would you be willing to send over this data? Thank you.
  3. Riflehunter

    WTB .300 wsm ammo

    If you reload I've been finding adg brass more regularly. I've picked some up but I know magnum primers have been kind of hard to get a hold of. Good luck
  4. Riflehunter

    2006 Triton SF21 Fish & Ski

    Great boat. We have a 2009 with a 225 optimax.
  5. Riflehunter


    I'll take the 38/357 dies if available. Pm sent
  6. Riflehunter

    In Search of .270 WSM Brass

    I'm not sure if they plan to do a run of 270wsm at some point but Lapua just announced they will now be doing 300wsm this spring.
  7. Riflehunter

    Camp chef oven

    Basically new camp chef oven/stove Combo. Hasn't been used in a couple years. Asking $180 Cody 480-694-7450
  8. Riflehunter

    Camp chef oven

  9. Riflehunter


  10. Riflehunter

    New mechanic starting out

    As a former ag mechanic I ran alot of matco mac and snapon but did use some older craftsman, gearwrench ratchet wrenches and alot of my 1/4" drive stuff was also gear wrench. Alot of my bigger sockets were grey pneumatic which are pretty decent for the money. The normal tool trucks do usually run specials on stuff as well.
  11. Riflehunter

    Little Crow Gunworks trimmers

    Pm sent
  12. Riflehunter

    Loose primer pockets

    I have seen loose primer pockets on federal brass in 7mm rem mag as well as my 300wsm. Some of each caliber had loose primer pockets after firing the factory loaded ammo. So they were loose after 1 single firing from factory loaded ammo and some i got 1 load out of them, now if i end up with fed mag brass i just throw it in my scrap brass bucket. I use the ballistic tools primer pocket go/no-go gauges for all of my rifle brass as well. Great for a quick check after decapping.
  13. Riflehunter


    I'll take then if it falls through. Work in chandler
  14. Riflehunter

    Dillon 650XL, Mig Gauges, 8MM Ammo

    I'll take 2nds on the dillon if it falls through for some reason. Pm
  15. Riflehunter

    Misc reloading

    Dillon cv-500 case tumbler. $110 Berger 52gr .224 fb varmint. 79 remaining. $20 1560 125gr lrn 9mm projectiles. 560 are meister, the rest are a non branded .355 diam with lube groove. $120 Hornady GS-1500 scale. $15 Rcbs 38spl non carbide wc dies set with universal decap die. $15 Rcbs press primer seating arm unused with small and large primer cups. $10 Live in east mesa and work in chandler. 480-694-7450
  16. Riflehunter

    **SOLD**Zero Tolerance Knife: Price Drop**SOLD**

    I'll take 2nds on the 0350 if it falls through.
  17. Riflehunter

    Misc reloading

    Make an offer
  18. Riflehunter

    Misc reloading

  19. Riflehunter

    Scammer alert Bobman99

    His buddy has a springfield trp for me as well in sc
  20. Riflehunter

    Wtb springfield trp

  21. Riflehunter

    Wtb springfield trp

    Looking for a trp operator in 45acp. Preferably a railed model
  22. Riflehunter


    Sold to boarman. Nice meeting you.