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    Southwest Nationals at Ben Avery

    Good shooting Mike.
  2. AZAV8ER

    Akc black and white lab pups

    Both Sire and Dam look young. How old are the mom& dad?
  3. AZAV8ER

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    Thanks for the catch. The story popped up in my news feed and never thought to look at the date. I will be mindful of that in the future.
  4. AZAV8ER

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    Worse news, 30 Marines and one sailor dead after helo crash in iraq. My heart goes out to their families and I salute their willingness to go in harms way True Heroes.
  5. AZAV8ER

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    I had a 7-08 REM Mod 7 for several years. It was lite and "compact" yet fit me fine as a full sized adult. It was a very handy rifle. I could load 130 gr speers reduced velocity or load 160 gr for elk. My vote 7-08 Tikka.
  6. AZAV8ER

    Late rifle coues

    Super nice buck, thanks for the share.
  7. Temperature and local air pressure make up density altitude. Here in the valley I have shot matches in the winter where DA (density altitude) is -150 feet and in the summer have clocked DA of 4800ft. When I run the two different DA's through my Strelok Pro APP using my 270 hunting rifle shooting Hornady 145ELD-X ammo I come up with 3 inch variation at 600 yards and 9 inches of variation at 800 yards. This example is a bit of an extreme but illustrates the issue. A Ballistic App like Strelok Pro will let you put in numbers and see what happens. Standard pressure at 4500 is 25.37, so run DA at 28Deg F and with a higher pressure of say 26.00 and then 72 Deg and pressure of 24.70 when I run that through a online DA calculator you will get 8,300 feet altitude for cold 12,800 feet altitude for the warmer conditions.
  8. AZAV8ER

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    Another recommendation for reading "The Beast in The Garden".
  9. AZAV8ER

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    Interesting perspective. For my point of view a lion that kills and feeds on a human is a dead lion not a lion to be studied. As far as predators feeding on a dumped body in the middle of nowhere, well the concern is not the same as when you have what appears to be a lioness and her cubs feeding on human remains showing no fear of people and in a populated area. Taking out these lions was the prudent thing to do. Heck there are more lions in AZ now than there was 100 years ago, not like they are endangered.
  10. AZAV8ER

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    Not suspected, is not exactly the same as saying "did not do it".
  11. AZAV8ER


    great thoughts to start the new Year
  12. AZAV8ER

    My 2019 buck!

    Nice going, appreciate the share.
  13. AZAV8ER

    What Is the Meaning of Life?

    Thanks for the post. David was one of my two favorite contemporary out door writers, Craig Boddington is the other. As far as #2, after a lifetime of having Lab companions you come to realize that when they are not having any good days it might be time, still does not help but you are peace with it likely being the right timing.
  14. AZAV8ER

    29 palms ca anyone know the area

    Palm Springs airport Skywest flies under the American name for 300-400 round trip
  15. AZAV8ER

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    Great buck. Sounds like a TROPHY Experience par excellence.
  16. AZAV8ER

    Over/Under Shotgun

    My Dad picked up half a dozen Miroku Charles Daly's on close out in the mid 70s. They are awesome shotguns and my old man shot skeet and did a bunch of dove shooting with his and it stayed tight over all that shooting. If you could find one used on a gun auction sight you will be very pleased.
  17. AZAV8ER

    Missing hunters in Mexico

    To True
  18. AZAV8ER

    How much water to take, 2 day pack-in

    I/2 gallon a piece for hike in and same for hike out. Low intensity day 3 quarts a per person per day and water for cooking or coffee. Add that up as bare minimum and round up for comfort margins.
  19. Prayers and sympathies for the family. To judge the situation or beat up on the families is a shame because it not like they are not living the outcome. It's only good to appropriately go over what happened so we can all learn or that remedies for the situation can be considered.
  20. AZAV8ER

    Shed dog

    Shed? What shed? Where is the shed? You want to do the "GET THE SHED GAME" I'm in. Let's go!!!! I'll run around all day and look for sheds.
  21. AZAV8ER

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Congratulations, that's a very very nice buck.
  22. AZAV8ER

    Youth hunting round

    When my son was younger had him shooting a Rem MOD7 7-08 with 130gr reduced loads. Its a nice way to go. Should be able to workup a reduced 6.5C 130gr handload
  23. AZAV8ER

    For Sale: Weatherby Vanguard 308

    Does the Weatherby Vanguard have the two stage trigger and three position safety? I would be interested if I had not just picked up a Howa 1500 and Vanguard last month. For $300 WOW that's a good price just for the upgraded/tricked out 700 type action.
  24. AZAV8ER

    Hello, New Member.

    Welcome and enjoy the coues pursuit