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    Shooting from one unit into another????

    Too much of a gray area. Really you are only at risk if a game warden sees you do it. If someone reported you all you have to do is document your kill location/gut pile is in your hunt unit, then your word against theirs. Just remember to police your brass. For me though just easier to be inside your unit 100% legal then.
  2. If you chew hard the granite dust will polish your teeth and the lead fragments top off some fillings, win win.
  3. AZAV8ER

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    I have had a springbar tent about that size for 20 years. From Colorado hunts at 10,000 and below 20deg to Utah hunts in snow and S AZ in the 20's a propane lantern before bed keeps the chill off and turn lantern back on with the alarm and the tent stays comfortable.
  4. Nice buck and nicely done
  5. AZAV8ER

    Shooting from one unit into another????

    What we need a camping permit as well as a hunt permit? dang I have been messing that up, been camping illegally without a camping permit all these years. Whew
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    for sale $750 24 inch Shilen barrel tasco 4X scope 280 Remington Groups shot with Hornady Precision Hunter 150gr ELD-X call or text 801 573 1064
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    Help identifying

    I would say bear
  9. I will take it for 180 I am at 7st & bell RD


  10. AZAV8ER

    Sig 2400ABS vs G7 BR2?

    You got me, off point and out of context relative to OP question.
  11. AZAV8ER

    Sig 2400ABS vs G7 BR2?

    Yep, first day in camp I run the the tech, make a range card out to 500, then put the silicon away and go with card 😉
  12. AZAV8ER

    Sig 2400ABS vs G7 BR2?

    Hmmm, thinking that all this tech degrades the hunt. I was thinking I was over teched with Strelock pro loaded with current atmospherics and my diddly butt Leupold RF. Of course not humping a rig around that I want to go further than 450yds with. I like hunting, will leave being a gear head to others. ENJOY THE Pureness of just going out and let it happen and minimize tech and expense 😜.
  13. AZAV8ER

    Unit 33 - Redington Rd area

    Hunt coming up Friday looks like good weather.
  14. Call and talk to Doug about the Kowa's. One of our local shooters raves about them every time I shoot his match. Doug also fixed me up with a deal on a ball head for my tripod. To start out I recommend something in the 10X42 range.
  15. Interesting. Why the $5 extra fee? Is a particular group putting this on?
  16. Hassayampa Rod and Gun Club is doing a sight in service at Ben Avery range at R2 range just west of main range this wednesday, thursday and friday. Service runs from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM and is $10 a rifle. Just come out to R2 range pay your money there (no checking in at main range) and skip the crowds and regimentation of the public range. Most of you here are probably all set and organized but in case you are jammed up or have a buddy behind on preparation we can help you. We have tools, rests, spotting scopes and targets all set up. Nicest easiest way to get your sighting in done at the last minute.
  17. AZAV8ER

    Access in 35B

    Any hunters have access problem in 35B this hunt? Last fall a rancher locked his gate that gave access to the NF just outside Patagonia and This year a rancher in the San Rafael Valley. Now it appears that any road access into an area bounded by HWY 82 between Patagonia and Sonoita on the North, the Canelo Hills on East side and on the S & W side by FR 799 through Canelo Pass, FR 58 through the San Rafael and the Harshaw RD south out of Patagonia. Thats roughly 70sq miles of National Forest that has been cut of from vehicle access. Does anyone know a way into this country that does not involve back packing?
  18. AZAV8ER

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Do you need help or a spotter for your practice. I can bring my old man's 26" Titus barreled 30-06 aperture sight match rifle that set a national 600 yard record in 51.
  19. AZAV8ER

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    Tikka, if for no other reason than the trigger.
  20. Lance when mounting a rail do you feel bedding is necessary?
  21. AZAV8ER

    Manfrotto 290x carbon

    I love mine, are you looking for a deal or just trying to get one?
  22. AZAV8ER

    Is there a way.....

    JSR how old are you? I am 63 and have no problem navigating this site, separating classifieds from hunting topics.
  23. AZAV8ER

    Elk Mountain Wall Tent review

    DuckHunter did you leave your tent up the whole time, if so how did that go? If you put it up and took it down each time how easy was that?
  24. AZAV8ER

    Realistic Field Shooting

    I can recall making a shot on a running buck at around 50/60 yards, it was like shooting flushing quail. All those years of skeet, dove and quail shooting went into that successful shot. Years of muzzleloader matches with mostly off hand shooting built up skills/confidence to make several successful offhand shots. Currently its PRS, NRL22 and small bore silhouette matches to keep my skills up. Years of shooting, hunting go into getting comfortable with what kind of shots present themselves in the field. Good post/point OP.
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    Never forget the destructive power of "angry and stupid". We are all vulnerable to angry misfits marinated in tribal grudges/hurts riddled with frustration and fed narrow ideologies. jihadis are a cancer to civilized society. God save us from True Believers.