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  1. On 9/12/2020 at 7:52 PM, twistzz said:

    At this point we really  should have a flying fire force alot cheaper and more efficient when these things  start.  Put them in central SW add a few jobs for maintenance and pilots.  One starts Bam it’s out.  Still need to thin thick stuff out.  Sucks seeing this every year!  And Yah wack anyone starting one kinda like Eurasia doves or evasive species.  Where’s the Elk pics??  That poverty tag pic was amazing!!

    There is no such thing as inexpensive aviation.

  2. Retired but when I operated heavy equipment (80 ton) I was union. They have their good aspects and their not so good side. A Union can't fix a bad industry, can't fix a bad economy and if you have bad management can't fix that either.

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  3. On 8/26/2020 at 8:39 AM, trphyhntr said:

    This is why I can’t take coues deer hunting seriously. They can’t even drink without possibly killing themselves. 

    Mule deer are a much bigger challenge. The way they freeze and stare at you when you come up on them makes it so hard to stay calm and make a clean shot. Coues are so dang touchy they bolt at anything, dang hate those shots at running bucks. 

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  4. Thats awesome. My next door neighbor growing up was a P38 Lighting Fighter Pilot in WWII, he is still with us. My other neighbor was a USA Infantry in Europe. Dad drove an ambulance in Northern Italy and his brother in law was a FWD A artillery observer for the USMC  starting out at Guadalcanal. Dads other brother in law got shot down over Germany flying B-24's. taken as POW. My Grandmother's Cousin was a field surgeon in the Hedge Rows and taken POW, that was early in the EURO campaign. My God Father was in flight training when the war ended and his older brother was a P-47 pilot in Europe. One of Dad's law partners had one leg the other was crushed under the treads of a Japanese Tank. I might have forgotten a few others but one thing stands out, for the most part all very great guys. BTW I ended up flying Navy Anti Submarine in the Cold War and my son went Army Sniper at tail end of the Gulf Wars. Most of the guys I served with had similar backgrounds and most had son's that served.

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  5. 7 hours ago, lancetkenyon said:

    $15k for 500"+ bull.

    I promise you, the Governor's Tag holders pay WAY more than this. 

    I imagine some of those tag holders have as easy of a time as these hunts.  I have heard stories from some guides.

    Fly the guy in, drive him to the shooting position, he takes the shot, they drive him back to the airport, and he gets his deer delivered to him.  

    Not all of them!  Probably not even many of them.  But it does happen.  And having 15-20 guys watching an animal 24/7 for weeks prior, might as well be a high fence hunt.  

    I wish I could afford to do it though.

    I can't see you being good with flying in getting to a stand and told "here shoot that one".

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  6. Winchester MOD 70 in 270, 280 or 30-06. The 270 with the Hornady 145gr ELD-X Precision Hunter ammo is traveling along at 2162fps and carrying 1500 ft/lbs of energy which should work on Elk. Magnums kick a bit and make it unpleasant to shoot and with a muzzle break the blast is also quite unpleasant to shoot. To be proficient at ranges past 500 it would require a fair amount of shooting at ranges you might think you want to be proficient at. 600-700 yard shots call for a scope with dialup turrets. a LRF (laser range finder), a ballistic app with a tuned up BC and MV for your setup and rounds and rounds downrange. Do you have the time and desire to put in a year or two getting comfortable hitting first shot at 600? Unless you like extra power or are serious about shooting past 500 yards, a magnum is not necessary.  I have 4 MOD 70's classics from when they first reintroduced them and they are all accurate. The two newer 270's and a 243 shoot under and inch with both Federal Fusion and Hornady ELD-X ammo. Lots of good factory ammo choices for the 270,280 & 06 (you never mentioned reloading). If you don't plan on shooting past 500 then you save money on ammo and optics so heck buy a MOD 70 Supergrade for a few bucks more. Sure free float and definitely bed the action and the trigger on the MOD 70 is tunable by any competent gunsmith.

  7. Glennys was the first pup we had the Vet come to the house and had her put to sleep at home, for me the only way to do it. She was 13 1/2 and was there with my two boys since they were toddlers and went along we me for 11 years of duck season on the marshes around the Great Salt Lake. I can't say I trained her but more like coached her retrieving instincts to a point we were a functioning duck getting team. She kept me company on many a hike in the mountains above Salt Lake City, kept me in shape. When they pass you feel how much they were a part of our live and experiences and it a Big Zinnger when they pass so soon. Now we have Charley in our lives and she is all joy and energy. 

    IMG_1799 2.JPG


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  8. Are you looking for an "English" lab because they are less energetic? If you are all up on the differences then this video is still fun to watch. The bottom picture is a 2-1/2 year old I picked up as a puppy from a member here, no they are not actively breeding.  She looks a bit english, heavy coat, thick heavy otter tail, not to long legged or skinny but solid in the body with nice broad head for a female. She can go all day but around the house will relax and mellow out. Got lucky but also gave the sire and dam a good looking over, they both had good temperaments and sire was a solid youngster with a calm demeanor. The reputable breeders recommended here should be able to help get you into a litter for what you want. Daisy mountain is another one we looked at but this pup came up first.



  9. 14 hours ago, 654321 said:

     I believe AZGFD could eliminate leftover tags for everything but probably Javelina by simply changing the draw where you only lose your bonus points in the 1st and 2nd pass of the draw.  If they did this they would basically be turning the 3rd pass of the draw into the leftover draw.  It would also save them money on all the waisted hours and postage sorting thru thousands of applications just to rip them open stamp rejected on application, stuff into another envelope and return to sender. 

    AZGFD, decades of tradition unimpeded by progress.

  10. I read your post and in my head spitballed 20K. then scored down and saw Hoofnit's post. Not to old and low miles. I had a 2010 2dr stick shift with 70K miles I bought for 21K and sold last year for 15K and could have gotten more if I asked. The young guy that bought mine was thrilled at the price, I was ok owning it for about @100 a month.