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  1. Rescue3

    Summer mule deer cape. PRICE Drop!!!

    How much are you asking for the cape and where are you located?
  2. How many of you on here with all these questions are going to attend the ADA meeting tomorrow evening, to ask your questions and voice your concerns in person? Ringer? WhtMtnHunter? OpticNerd? AzDirtyTaco? GreyGhost85? BoneCollector? Idgaf?
  3. Idgaf, can you provide a link to AzSFWC donations..or financials? I would like to see the break down.
  4. Blake, I don't trust anyone completely. I do and have looked at both sides of the issue, but let's stop putting words in people's mouths. AzSFWC and/or CAPAz did not say they were the only ones that stopped HSUS/AFW. They give credit to the new strict compliance laws and the change in how petitioners are paid. They also credit the HSUS sex scandal and the help of other Orgs and individuals on the streets. Am I reading and listening to different articles/podcasts than everyone else?
  5. https://conserveandprotectaz.org/2018/04/1848/
  6. Dwarcher, I feel you are missing something. If you go back and write down the questions the members here have asked you will see that Jay asks almost all of them. Seriously people quit looking for zebras!
  7. Rescue3

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    I'm coming late to this conversation and trying to play catch-up. I've got a couple questions.... 1. Is everyone saying that Don Peay and SFW (Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife) is the same organization as AZSFWC (Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation)? 2. What exactly is everyone afraid of? If these are raffle tags then really it is just a chance to get a tag that I wasn't successful at in the draw. I'll have more as I wade through all the comments and listen to both podcasts.