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  1. Will you ship the turkeys

  2. Will you ship to NM. Text me Ray 505-four59-zero555

  3. Charay

    FS: 7mm Barnes Bullet

    I’ll take them
  4. I’ll take the bullets,  text me Ray 505-459-0555

  5. Charay

    Powder and projectiles

    I’ll take bullets if you will ship
  6. I’ll take the bullets if you will ship

    1. Charay


      Sorry, I just saw this can you tell me what bullets you are selling & how muck

    2. justinhamblin


      I sent you a message. I’m selling 54 Berger 7mm 140gr and 88 Barnes LRX 168gr 7mm. $45 for Barnes and $25 for Berger. 

    3. Charay


      ok I’ll take them, can you text me your PayPal 

      ray 505-459-0555

  7. Charay

    Shotgun Reloading Supplies for Sale

    Will you ship to NM? I’ll take everything minus the reloaded. Can you text me Ray 505-459-0555
  8. Charay

    Sold, please delete

    Will you ship to New Mexico
  9. Charay

    H1000 FS...maybe

    Depends how much
  10. Charay

    Polaris ranger wheels/tires

    That’s slot of armor all
  11. Charay


    Hello, I’ll take the foxpro? Will you ship to NM
  12. Charay

    Harris 1A2 ultralight bipod 13.5-27”

    How bout $40
  13. Charay

    26" utv wheels and tire takeoffs

    Hello did you sell these?
  14. Charay

    Bergara B14 HMR

    Can you text me interested 505-459-0555
  15. Charay

    polaris ranger take off rims and tires FS

    I’ll take them