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  1. Charay

    WTS Swarovski ATS 65 non-hd

    Would you take any trades and cash ray 505-459-0555
  2. Text Ray 505-459-0555

    ill take it

  3. Charay

    The Stalker Antelope decoy

    Will you ship, I’ll take it
  4. Charay

    Free fly tying books

    I’ll pay for shipping if boarman doesn’t take em
  5. Charay


    What year is the bow
  6. Charay


    I’ll take 6.5 tay
  7. Would u ship?  I’m interested in taking all of them


    text Ray 505-459-0555

  8. Interested in 204 


    Ray 505-459-0555

  9. Charay

    Howa 204 rifle. SOLD

    I’ll take it, do u still have it
  10. Charay

    Sitka Bino Harness

    Is it for large binos
  11. Charay

    Swarovski spotting scope case

    I’ll take it, can u ship
  12. I’ll take Retumbo & 6.5.  Will u ship to NM


    Ray 505-459-0555

  13. Charay

    Reloading ltems Sold

    I’ll take Retumbo & 6.5
  14. Charay

    Elk and Javi mount

    Zach 505-459-0555
  15. I’ll take em



    1. huntjunkie


      Give me a call. 480-688-9404. Thanks