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    leica rangefinding binoculars

    hey fat foot i just bought pair of the leica 15x56 with the 1300yrd range finder in them and they are the best investment i every bought . as far as leica they are topnotch . as far as the button for the range finder on the left no big deal most people can reach over the top with the right hand .
  2. bobbyo try pam , thats what we spray on the dogs to get the burs off.good luck.
  3. couesmaster

    mexico deer hunt

    i wont say the outfitters name other than he is advertised one this site. its the first year he has hunted this ranch and they told him it has never been hunted i assume that means by a outfitter. on this ranch they saw no bucks a couple of does thats it . its a good thing he has 3 or 4 others to choose from it will be interesting to see how the hunts progress . and this outfitter has been hunting down their for quite a few years .
  4. couesmaster

    mexico deer hunt

    i have heard an outfitter has gone 0 for 6 in mexico for coues on the first hunt . has anyone gone down their yet .
  5. couesmaster

    Mikes first coues

    hey nice buck. crb in that second picture are your bipod legs not working . we killed a buck in 31 nov. hunt and it was spotted just like you described.
  6. couesmaster

    javi tag

    archery 33and 37b. tataat27 it took i think about three weeks or so l
  7. couesmaster

    az guide license

    yea its time for the g&f to trade in the old 4x4's for some 07's and a little bonus.
  8. couesmaster

    Muzzle Breaks

    i understand the use for muzzle brakes but i had a gunsmith tell me that as far a accuracy it doesnt make any difference. is their any gualified gunsmiths on this forum that could clarify this for us.
  9. couesmaster


    has anyone thats been out in the hills seen any ( packs of lions.) i mean family of lions.
  10. couesmaster

    javi tag

    well i finaly got my hard to draw leftover javi tag for archery.
  11. couesmaster

    A great hunt.

    man that is a hog of a deer , cograts man awesome buck.
  12. couesmaster

    az guide license

    has anyone got the ema il from the g&f about the price on the guide license renewal. it is up to $300 bucks thats $200 increase in one year . its getting pretty steep . what do you guys think.
  13. couesmaster

    Hunt Story

    great story how did you like those zeis 15x60.
  14. couesmaster

    My Kansas Buck!

    nice buck looks like its been eating good in kansas, nice job.
  15. couesmaster

    Texas Deer

    awesome buck good job to the hunter.