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  1. CoyoteCyanide

    WTB Federal 209A Primers

    If you make it around Tucson or I know of anyone going up I have some I'd give you.
  2. CoyoteCyanide

    WTB Federal 209A Primers

    Where are you located?
  3. CoyoteCyanide

    Varget in stock

    Safe. I’ve done business with Mr. Fackler and BPI for years. Great company.
  4. CoyoteCyanide

    SOLD - 308 Ammo

  5. CoyoteCyanide

    BL-C 2 8lb and longshot

    Location and what are you asking for the Long shot?
  6. CoyoteCyanide

    loader, call, air gun

    I’ll take the cans.
  7. CoyoteCyanide


    I’m in New Mexico til Sunday. A local store has a few powders in stock at a decent price. If you see something you need I can bring it back. I live in Tucson. Hs6 8lb, LeverEvolution (2) 8lb, 3 IMR Green Dot, 3 Clay Dot, 10 Herco, Clays and International, several Win comp AA powder. 2lbs TiteWad.
  8. CoyoteCyanide


    I’ll see what I can find in the area. If I do I’ll get back to you.
  9. CoyoteCyanide

    .308 and 223

    PM is full. Is the 308 still available?
  10. CoyoteCyanide

    .270 ammo

    This is lunacy. If anyone really needs this ammo I bought some at Walmart for $20 last week. I’d be happy to pass it forward if you’re in the Tucson area.
  11. CoyoteCyanide

    .308 and 223

    Interested in the Rem corelokt. I'll pm you.
  12. CoyoteCyanide

    4 lbs 800x for trade

    Looking to trade a 4 lb jug of 800x for equivalent in Alliant blue dot or IMR blue. Tucson area
  13. CoyoteCyanide

    Primers For sale/trade

    ÏI'll take most if not all of them, I'm here in Tucson.
  14. CoyoteCyanide

    Wtb lead shot and buck sizes

    Looking for plated (preferably nickel plate, possibly copper). I need bb to 00 sizes. Would love to get T shot. Tucson area.
  15. CoyoteCyanide

    Wtb Walther p22

    Looking for a Walther/ S&W p22. Preferably in Tucson vicinity.
  16. CoyoteCyanide

    Wtb Walther p22

    I had the same issue with my first one. I had to run CCI high velocity ammo.
  17. CoyoteCyanide

    SOLD - Kel-Tec KSG 12 Guage

    I'll take it. I'll pm for pick up details.
  18. CoyoteCyanide

    9mm, Primers, Bullets, Camo

    I'll take the 9mm, 2nds.
  19. CoyoteCyanide

    800x, 22-250 ammo, .270 brass

    4 lbs of 800x $75 or trade for imr blue or blue dot or trade for Remington corelokt 130 gr. 270 20 rds of 64gr Berger bonded 22-250 ammo hand loads $20 or trade for Remington corelokt 130 gr. 270. Vortex 50mm shade tube, trade for Remington corelokt 130 gr. 270 Mixed stamp fired .270 brass, trade for Remington corelokt 130 gr. 270 Tucson area.
  20. CoyoteCyanide

    800x, 22-250 ammo, .270 brass

    dang, I'm in Tucson but will put out an APB to my friends up there, thank you.
  21. CoyoteCyanide

    800x, 22-250 ammo, .270 brass

    Negative sir. I have an old Savage that shoots sweet with them!
  22. CoyoteCyanide

    800x, 22-250 ammo, .270 brass

    Brass ppu.
  23. CoyoteCyanide


    Crossfire II 4-16x50 used for 2 hunts, good scope. Comes with Trijicon 30mm rings. Uprading and no longer needed. $200 Tucson area.
  24. CoyoteCyanide


    Sold. Thank you.