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  1. Rhinoaz

    9mm Ammo 700rnds

    Pm sent
  2. I’ve been thinking about just this, but the 28 is over 9lbs vs 6.5lbs
  3. Ok guys I’m going to ask for some advice on what to do. I’ve had this rifle for years and it used to be my go to hunting setup. But I’ve since bought a 28 nosler and love it but its on the heavy side. So i drug the ti out of the safe and I forgot how hard it kicks. Gun complete with scope is 6 1/2 pounds. So it thumps pretty good and I’m spoiled since the 28 has a brake. So my question is, is it worth putting a brake installed on the factory barrel? Cost wise? Or should I just have a proof research barrel installed that’s already cut for a brake? I’ve heard rumors that some gunsmiths wont touch abolts because of the loctite? Do you recommend any smiths that work on brownings?
  4. Rhinoaz


  5. Rhinoaz

    Anyone shoot Franchi?

    I got the wife the affinity compact 20 gauge a few years ago. Sweet gun. Runs really well. I’d wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.
  6. They’re 8 lug rims. So not for half ton
  7. Rhinoaz

    Tundra oil change.

    If you heard a whirring noise, that was probably the bearings trying to sieze. Not good at all.
  8. Rhinoaz

    WTB TC Encore/Pro Hunter barrels

    338 win mag pro hunter barrel complete with mount and nikon scope. Sighted in. Even have almost 3 boxes of premium ammo. Make me an offer
  9. Rhinoaz

    Someone take my 3 girls hunting

    Only if its a beaver hunt!
  10. Rhinoaz

    New to Offer Up

    I’ve had really good luck with offerup. Both selling and buying. Use it quite often as a matter of fact.
  11. Rhinoaz

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    Gun is t/c pro hunter with 110gr of blackhorn 209 and the 290tez and cci magnum primer. First bull was 100yds bullet on left. Second bull was 215 yds bullet on right. Both stopped opposite shoulder under the hides. I even found the tip on the second bull. Neither went farther than 40yds.
  12. Rhinoaz

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    +1 for Barnes 290 tez and blackhorn 209. Killed 2 bulls with this setup.
  13. Rhinoaz

    10MM Ammo?

    Get the AmmoSeek app....
  14. I may have a 06 rampage 327 for sale if I can talk the wife into it. How much is he looking to spend?
  15. Rhinoaz

    Glock 43x & 20 for sale

    I’ll take the 20 if still available. Pm sent