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    First Bobcat

    I used a .223 shooting 55 grain ballistic tip bullets. I shot the bobcat at 30-35 yards and it created an entry wound about 2 inches wide that blood stained allt of the fur around it, although the damage really wasnt too bad. No exit wound. Roy
  2. jeffd

    First Bobcat

  3. jeffd

    May's Sheds

    Here are some of our finds from this month, all found withing ten minutes of the house.
  4. After seeing a recent post of a buck turned into a sticker, I thought I would post a picture of a rifle stock carving I had a friend do of a buck I took with this rifle.
  5. I was picking up some food for our sons grad party.
  6. jeffd

    Windy Day in 19A

    We had the hills to ourselves on a very windy Sunday, but the pigs weren't showing themselves. We decided to walk some canyons and jumped this pig at about 10 yards, I shot him with a .223 at about 100 yards when he stopped to look back.
  7. jeffd

    Windy Day in 19A

    Way to go Sourdough.I know what your talking about with the motivaton for this unit.
  8. We see a doe like that in 19a pretty often.Also see a white doe and buck in 20a often.
  9. jeffd

    Roy's Deer

    Here's my son Roy's deer that he shot yesterday.
  10. jeffd

    Roy's Deer

    Thanks TJ,I learned so much from you when you showed me around a unit that I knew nothing about.I enjoy helping the kids and others on their hunts more than my own now. thanks JD
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    Sydney's First Deer

    My daughter, Sydney, took this deer on her first big game hunt. We're so proud of her.
  12. jeffd

    Roy's Deer

    Roy quit smiling when he learned he couldn't dress up as a firefighter every day. The no smiling is also contagious with his hunting friends.
  13. jeffd

    Sydney's First Deer

    Sydney took the buck with 1 shot at 180 yards with a .243.
  14. jeffd

    Sydney's First Deer

    It looks like the picture didnt get attached, so here it is.
  15. jeffd

    FS 1993 Toyota 2WD Pickup

    sent you a pm
  16. jeffd

    My late dec hunt

    Congrats on a great buck Dusty.
  17. jeffd

    A Few More Youth Bucks

    Thanks for posting the pics Nate
  18. jeffd

    WTB 41 mag dies

    pm sent
  19. jeffd

    Day 2

    Congrats to you and your dad.I was wondering how your hunt was going.
  20. jeffd

    Archery Nov. Elk Hunt

    Good luck to you and Chris and shoot straight.
  21. jeffd

    Decent shed

    19a for me,20a jr for the boy and Dec 17a/b for Chris.Did you find that shed down that rocky road.
  22. jeffd

    Decent shed

    very nice shed Dusty
  23. jeffd

    Fresh from this morning

    We had a good time yesterday.Sure beats working on a Saturday.