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    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    That was my thoughts from the 1st day
  2. jeffd


    pronghorn for me
  3. jeffd

    Sydney's Buck

    Sydney was able to take this buck oppening day of the 19A youth hunt after school.
  4. jeffd

    White Deer!

    I have seen a few in 19a and 20a, Two of them being bucks
  5. jeffd


    nonresident and 13 points
  6. jeffd


    I drew a management deer tag for the Paunsaugunt unit
  7. jeffd

    Believe it or not

    Maybe the DGF made a mistake and didn't put them in for the draw then gave them a tag.Last year they didn't put me in for the spring turkey hunt.They sent me tag #5 for a hunt with 4 tags.I didnt ask for or expect a tag.
  8. jeffd

    2017 is starting out great!!!

    Guess Im greedy also.After drawing a 2010 rifle antelope and both a 2016 rifle antelope and early rifle bull tag I still put in again for both this year,
  9. After many scouting trips, I was able to put myself in the right place to kill this buck in unit 21.
  10. I just got my 2015 mule deer up on the wall, work was done by Authentic Taxidermy in Chino, Arizona.
  11. jeffd

    Happy Father's Day

    I miss my dad every day. Me and the kids try to get out every weekend, whether its hunting, fishing, or scouting; just like he did for my siblings and me.
  12. jeffd

    Fan Mount

    Recently finished this fan mount of my 2016 19a turkey.
  13. jeffd

    19A Turkey

    I took this bird opening morning on a great hunt with my son.
  14. jeffd

    19A Turkey

    Thanks TJ
  15. jeffd

    Pretty sad

    So if you were not put in for this hunt because of a DGF error and they gave you a tag you wouldnt take it?
  16. jeffd

    If You Could Trade Tags

    I dont have to trade.I drew a early rifle bull tag and a rifle antelope tag.
  17. jeffd

    Opening Day Muley

    I was able to take this buck opening morning with the help of my son Roy and good friends Jeff and Jeffrey.
  18. jeffd

    Opening Day Muley

    Thanks Nate
  19. jeffd

    Opening Day Muley

    You are real close on all of areas you covered SirRoyal
  20. My son Roy just shot this coyote last night.
  21. jeffd

    First Bobcat

    It was Black Hills ammo, dont know what they load.
  22. My son, Roy took his first bobcat tonight. We called in a coyote, fox, and the bobcat on our first stand tonight. The bobcat presented the best shot at 30 yards. First time we've called in 3 species in one stand.
  23. jeffd

    First Bobcat

    Here are a couple more pictures. The first is it over my shoulder, using my belt as a strap; my new favorite way to carry small-medium animals like javelina and bobcat. The second picture is me looking unhappy, as in most pictures. Roy