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    Roy's First Coues Hunt

    Roy has helped with many hunts, this being his first coues deer hunt.
  2. jeffd

    Happy Birthday Jeffd

    Thanks guys.TJ,we did get out scouting today for Roys October jr hunt,found a few.Gonna celebrate my bday with good friends on the strip next week. Thanks.
  3. jeffd

    Drawing Results Contest "OVER"

    7-22 8am
  4. jeffd

    my bull made huntin fool

    Just finished reading your story.Good stuff.Congrats again.
  5. jeffd

    Utah draw

    Congrats on your tag.I have putting in for that same unit but the rifle hunt.Still waiting to draw it.I hope to hear what you think of the unit.
  6. Blake,I take the kids over the hill to Deadhorse and always catch fish.Bring some crawlers and bobbers and hit the last lake.Never had much luck at the Prescott area lakes.
  7. jeffd

    2011 elk/Antelope tags

    Second choice early archery bull in 6a
  8. jeffd

    Utah Draw Deadline

    Sounds crazy but I dont even have to carry the valid license that I applied with if I were to draw a permit.Only the permit itself.I was told by Utah dfg if I timed it right I only need to buy the license every other year.
  9. jeffd

    Utah Draw Deadline

    I just applied monday and was told I had a valid license also.I was wondering what was going on.Hope she is right.
  10. jeffd


    Welcome to the site Peg,looking forward to your and Tjs hunting stories.
  11. jeffd

    Applying In Other States?

    UT ANTELOPE,DEER NV DEER WY ANTELOPE,DEER at max points,MOOSE at 8 points getting close NM done with nm after 3 antelope and a unit 27 coues tag
  12. jeffd

    Silver Chevy

    That would be my son Roy and I.Roy ended up taking his first javelina nearby our parked truck.
  13. jeffd

    OPENING PIG HUNT / pics added Jan 5

    congrats tj
  14. jeffd

    OPENING PIG HUNT / pics added Jan 5

    Funny stuff there TJ.At least you got into the pigs and your o.k. for another story.Good luck to you.
  15. jeffd

    tag filled

    Congrats Jeffrey on your second great trophy this year,JD
  16. jeffd

    Chevy Truck Owners

    I'm getting 18 to 20 with the same motor and a 3 inch lift.
  17. jeffd

    utah mule deer

    Glad to see you joined the best hunting site there is Jeffrey.Now lets see your latest pics.jeffd
  18. jeffd

    Remingotn 700s

    I got rid of my Remington last year when my boy started hunting.Didn"t like the safety having to be on to unload the weapon.
  19. jeffd

    They are out for Real!!!!!

    JR deer tag for my son to go along with a jr elk tag and a pronghorn tag for myself makes for some good times together.
  20. jeffd


    Hope to post a picture of my biggest antelope in September.
  21. jeffd

    Wyoming draw results

    I dont expect an antelope tag as I was drawn 2 years ago.Hope to get a deer tag with max points.