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    Yeah Baby!! 27

    You drew a great tag.I hunted it 7 or 8 years ago and had a great hunt with no problems.
  2. I will be there Saturday with my son Roy and a huntihg buddy.
  3. jeffd


    I remember a photo posted on here of a lion in a leg hold trap.I think it came from Amanda.
  4. jeffd

    two elk tags here

    Congrats as usual TJ.Roy got his jr elk tag this year and I drew a rifle antelope tag.
  5. jeffd

    **Draw Results**

    Junior elk tag for my son and a rifle antelope tag for myself.
  6. Rifle tag in2008,Sept archery tag in 2009.No elk tag for me this year but drew a rifle antelope tag.My 12 year old son was drawn for a junior cow tag.Cant wait for his hunt.
  7. jeffd

    Wyoming Deer and Antelope

    Put in for 101 with max points on deer.Also put in for antelope with my son in 98.To buy a moose point in August to go with the 7 I have.
  8. jeffd

    new cwt member

    Cute pup there TJ.
  9. jeffd

    valentine's wish

    Looks like a great day on the water TJ.I've only been to one movie in 13 years with my wife.I can only wish she would ask for a valentines day like you had.
  10. jeffd

    Tribute to Dad

    TJ,enjoy every minute you can with your dad.I think it's great that you guys can still fish,turkey hunt and camp out together.
  11. jeffd

    What to Do.

    I looked in my 2004-2006 B&C book and there were only 6 bucks taken from Pa between both nontypical and typical entries.None from Claroin county.
  12. jeffd

    Dream hunt

    Shiras moose in Wyoming.Should have enough points next year.
  13. jeffd

    18 years is enough , PICK ME

    Been drawn in N.M,Utah,Calif,Montana,Wy,never in Az.Sitting on 18 points and hopeful.
  14. jeffd


    sent you a pm Bob, jeffd
  15. jeffd

    The ROCKIN YOUTH we are Blessed with!

    Great post Lance.Nothing better than hunting with the kids.
  16. jeffd

    Prayer Request for tjhunt2

    Prayers sent TJ, Jeffd,Roy and family
  17. jeffd

    Dad's opening day buck

    Congrats to your dad and a great photo with his deer.
  18. jeffd

    Would you go?

    I hunted the rifle hunt in 27 and had a great time.Didn't see any smugglers or have any problems at all.I did see more drug agents than hunters.I hope to draw that unit again.
  19. jeffd

    Roys first mulie

    My 12 year old son filled out his first deer tag in unit 20a on opening morning.
  20. jeffd

    Roys first mulie

    TJ,As for the story. We spent a few days scouting and found seven different bucks.We were in the spot we wanted to start when we heard a shot so we moved to a backup spot.Once there we had around 20 deer feeding near us.Mostly does and fawns.Roy had a 2x1 standing for a shot but couldn't get on him in time.We started sneaking in on the buck and had to get around a doe that was in our way when I saw a forkie back to our right.Roy got down on the ground and made a great shot dropping the buck.It's not a big buck but we are all so happy for his first.We were done at 7:15 opening day and Roy was back in bed with the flu at 9:00.I dont know what I'm doing wrong with pictures but will figure it out.
  21. jeffd

    2009 archery success

    Congrats to you on your hunts.I know you will score on many more hunting with TJ.
  22. I was twelve and on my first deer hunt with my dad and his friend.They sent me off in one direction and they went another.I came to a deep canyon with a river full of nudist.After glassing for awhile I looked further up the canyons rim I saw my dad and his friend sitting with thier glasses looking down to the river.Never told them what I saw.